Tuesday, 1 November 2011

What use is Tuesday?

Yeah you can tell I was in a stroppy mood today. But Tuesdays are neither here nor there,  not the half way point, or the start or the end,  just... there!   At least the sun was shining,  actually right into my eyes,  in the living room and car,   the sun is just too low in the sky at this time of year. 

So the day began with a hair cut, much needed,  reached the point where no amount of hair gel would do much for the mop on top of my head.   My hair dresser left his wife last year, and last year he was usually mute during the cutting and drying bit, now he is separated from his wife he wants to talk!   He's a nice chap, but then I get odd questions, as today: where can he learn how to use a computer... how long have they been around?   He's same age as me, so how did the IT pass him by?   Some 45 minutes later and hair has been restored to normal,  I look human...  for a while, till the next hot flush.  But not having hot flushes cos of new cream, just have a spike in temperature...  ugh, know what that is - reach for the powders.    Hair now flat as pancake.  Oh well... nice while it lasted. 

Lunch time... down sandwich, two mugs of tea...  don't want to go to supermarket but have to.  Talk myself round and go to said supermarket.   Suffer yet another spike in temperature...  take more medication.  Then wonder if I should attempt to wield a brayer?    Oh may as well,  it is a blunt instrument!    Hence the pic that  I have entitled Irony,  a chap with umbrella gazing at a sunset, as one does...    Well it amused me. 

Next was.... this, one of the stamps I bought yesterday, two budgies, so cute, though they do look as if they are suspended in mid air...  get over it.    I was trying to do one of those odd skies, where you get blue and then yellow...  not sure if this works.   But it is such a cute stamp. 

Think I was on a roll then, managed two more pics,   I felt as if I was fighting myself.   Very odd feeling.  Then dusk began to fall and it was only 4pm!   I hate crafting by lamplight,  much prefer natural daylight,  so I guess I need to start earlier in these winter months?

Weather is supposed to be crap tomorrow,  but I do have my aromatherapy course, and got to hand in CRB form.  Filled it in today,  a couple of bits I didn't understand,  so left them.  But rest is properly filled out and in black pen.   Need to take passport and drivers licence tomorrow...   heard someone say that the old paper licences are no longer valid?  Don't believe it, I am sure the DVLA would have told me to get a new one.   Not going to waste good money on getting something I don't need.  And got lucky with pre paid prescription,  this round I managed 4 prescriptions, saved me a fortune!  Pre paid runs out tomorrow,  but don't need to renew it till end of month! 

A very quiet Halloween,  someone in the street had a party for the kids,  many of the local youth centres also ran events, so the trick and treaters were very thin on the ground, as were the troublemakers.   Got really annoyed with my hairdresser, cos he admitted he'd given his son some eggs last night!  What the hell was he thinking?   

All for now folks, thank you for stopping by.  Take care

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kokoclowie said...

I love the chap looking into the sunset - it looked so natural, after all dont we all just stop and stare when presented with such beauty at the end of the day?

As for driving licenses, I'm sure they only say that to make us pay out for the new ones. Mines a paper one too and I'm proud I havent had to have it updated! The passport is photo ID so good enough in my eyes, costs enough to have one!

I'm thinking of abandoning the housework to get the natural light, plenty of time to hoover with the lights on. Planning on card making tomorrow morning, need supermarket trip too but I'll deal with that early Saturday morning (maybe)