Thursday, 10 November 2011

Pass it forward

Today I had a lovely experience.   Some yob had put a dent in the bonnet of my car at the weekend, and being the cowardly sort had not bothered to let me know.    So I looked around for those who did dent repairs, one that came up was Halfords,  they seemed reasonable.  So today I went to Halfords,  spoke to an assistant, told him about the dent,  he came with me to take a look at it,  then said that the firm they used to remove dents wouldn't repair any on bonnets, boots or the car roof.  I felt very depressed, it looked like I was going to have to fork out for an expensive repair at my usual garage.  Then the assistant asked me to wait, he had an idea... he went back into the shop, came back a few minutes later with a gizmo that pulled out dents,  he gave it a go and - the dent was gone!   I could have kissed him, he'd saved me a fortune,  it was his act of kindness, and it was much appreciated,  I wished him good karma.      So my car is back to being as good as new, well except for the wonky boot lock,  need to get that sorted while it is still under warranty. 

My second bit of luck was finding some bargains in M&S,  got mum a pair of trousers and a nice jumper, and me a pair of cargo pants,  all half price.  Chuffed.   Then perused the food bit,  they are overpriced but their food is delicious.   On my way to the food hall I passed the Xmas decs,  well you have to have a look, don't you?   Anyway it seems Owls are all the rage this Christmas,  indulged in their 3 for 2 offer,  got 3 very cute owls that light up.   Owls are my thing,  no idea why,  just find them fascinating.    Had planned a Lancashire Hot pot for me and mum tonight, from M&S,  but that turned into burger and chips...   just felt a fancy for some chips. 

The Pic: another brayered card,  did some trimming on the Owl stamp, so I could get it to look more natural.  Quite pleased with this one,  worked out well.    Just using super smooth card,  TH distress inks,  and stamps of owl and tree,  using archival black ink pad. 

 Now just starting to get to grips with my crystal healing course.   May do some crafting tomorrow, must start the wedding invites I think, and get some more candle decals done.

Thank you for stopping by,  take care

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