Tuesday, 15 November 2011

sums up how I've been feeling

This picture that is,  it sums up my feelings over the last few weeks,  a definite 'phut' feeling about it.  I'd been trying to make a swap card, the theme was - Fireworks.  Sounds easy enough,  black background, go bonkers with gel pens, glitter etc... oh how wrong I was.  Tried a few ideas,  all ended up in the bin.  My interpretation of fireworks with pens was well, a damp squib.  And from that came an idea,  how about a faulty catherine wheel, the one that didn't go off?   An idea was born,   out came The Slice,  got it to cut a few shapes for me, plus the wording.   Managed to find some string,   cut a circle of card, smothered that with pinflair, and....... well here it is!  Was hoping the Catherine Wheel would spin, but the 3 layers of card was too thick for that.

I also managed to get started on the Christmas tags,  was faced with, either buying a set of tags,  making them with all the measurements.. or using computer to generate the template.  Went with the latter,  still some cutting out, but using guide lines, so much easier.    Design is involved,  it includes a stencil,  embossing paste, glitter,  distress inks, and that is just one side, the other includes using a brayer and 3, no make that 4 stamps, plus masking...  why do I do this to myself?   Well made two, so 6 to go,  so glad this is not a large group.  Also need to work up enthusiasm to make some Xmas cards.

Not a bad weekend, better than the last one.  Mood is much improved,  new cream is definitely having some effect,  as is starflower oil tablets.   No drumming tomorrow, it is setting off my neck and shoulder problem, spent all week getting things to calm down.   Much stuff to do tomorrow,  course work,  tags... visiting a friend.   Plus the usual cooking and stuff. Ugh. 

Moving on to Monday...    cooking not appreciated!    A frustrating shopping trip, not getting what I wanted,  just wanted some aromatherapy bottles!   Found some on ebay in the end.   Mixed a few oils for a friend,  had one bottle I could use, but it is a bit big,  it will do for now.   Oh the bottles need to be dark in colour, brown or blue,  it helps preserve the essential oils.   Picked up some bits and bobs from a cheap shop, but all the bottles were clear,  but got some jars that will hold cream.

Now Tuesday...  need to do supermarket trip.    Seems extra busy for a Tuesday,  must be warming up for Christmas.   Stick to list,  discovering some of the cheap stuff is okay,  some of it is best avoided.   Sticking with Branston beans,  value beans are not worth the money.   Tesco's own porridge though is very good, so switched to that, saving over a pound.   This two for 3 lark isn't much good for two people though,  I'm learning not to be tempted too much by the bogoffs,  depends how perishable the stuff is.   Still have one petrol voucher left,   and it is  cheap right now...   but the garage is always busy there, couldn't face it today!  Will have to go tomorrow.    Managed a session of crafting, not intentional,  mum had asked me to make an 85th birthday card, so I did, A4 size as her intention was to hand it to the birthday girl, then she changed her mind and wanted to post it...  time for a quick resize!   So with all the stuff out I got on with my Xmas tags for the group, managed to make up 3 more,  it is a bit involved, brayering, stamping - 3 different stamps!  But just got a couple more to do, and then finish off the Xmas side,  which is even more involved!  Not sure why I do this to myself. 

Hoping to get back to my course tomorrow,  well that is the plan.. 

thanks for stopping by, it is much appreciated.

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