Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Arrrrrrgggggggggggggghhhhhhh - December!?

No hang on, how'd we get here so soon?   I mean it was only a short while ago that we were welcoming in 2011,  and now Christmas is on the horizon?    I'm considering hibernating! 

Yeah I know I've been making these cards, which are sort of Festive, doesn't mean it has to happen so soon.  :-(  

I am liking these woodware stamps,  easy to manipulate,  see how I made the 'lines' fit the original line?  Genius or what?   No it wasn't good fortune, for a change it was planned, well up to a point.  I plan in my head,  I have an image of what I want to achieve, if possible, then I go for it - it either works or it doesn't.  In this instance it did, I even managed to cover up a mistake or two.

At least today we had some decent weather, yesterday was a write off,  no point in even venturing beyond the front door, vicious winds,  and horizontal rain,  not a good combo!   I stayed put,  sadly so did Mum, couldn't really blame her for not wanting to venture out it was so foul,  but that meant me having to cook on a Tuesday!   Unheard of!   Well mum usually meets up with old work friends, they enjoy a very long lunch,  so that means I don't have to cook us dinner.   Mum muttered something about eating out,   forget that,  paying through the nose for some over priced meal?   Nah,  liberated a couple of chicken breasts,  and we had a lovely stir fry, followed by...  mince pies!   Was hoping to resist till December arrived, but when you can get 6 for a quid...  

More crafting today,  think I have got a system going now for the brayering,  do that first,  make up X amount of cards,  let them dry, then go back and do the stamping. Worked a treat today.   Mind you I was doing the easy one, the sunset brayer technique is far more involved.   Will be doing some tomorrow.    Someone suggested making TH 12 days of Christmas,  I was in a ratty mood,  so they got a ratty reply, which was undeserved.   I like some of what Tim does,  but it is also drab,  the grunge thing can only be tolerated for so long.   I watched his blog video, okay for him, he has all of his products,  he doesn't have to buy them, we do, and they are pricey.   I just get bugged by this stuff,  TH is a nice guy,   but his stuff is pricey.  

Must think about scrapbooking as well, not done any for ages,  really neglecting it.   Best find out where I put my scrapping mojo...

All for now...  will take photos of new works tomorrow,  got too dark to take any this afternoon!   But did make 4 cards! 

Thanks for stopping by,  take care and stay warm....

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