Sunday, 21 October 2012

A crafty Sunday

My perfect day,  a good nights sleep,  no aches and pains,  no flu like symptoms!    Then horror of horrors - no bacon!  How'd that happen?   It isn't Sunday if I don't have my bacon butty...  quick sortie to corner shop and all was well with the world.   Phew.

I came up with this idea yesterday,  to put an Owl in a Barn.  I thought I could make the beams from the tree bark embossing folder,  and somehow make a suitable background.   It did mean getting very inky,   I had autumnal fingers!    Inked the card for the folders first,  and then used the brayer to blend it all.   Worked out where I wanted the beams to go, inked the card again to pick up the wood grain using the brayer, which then gave me an idea for the background.  In inking the wood grain embossed card, the brayer picked up the pattern, so I used it for the background.

I used one of the chipboard tags,  gave it several coats of gesso,  then some inking,  lots of dabbing.   Then added the sentiment,  used the seam binding for a ribbon. 

I felt that there ought to be foliage,  luckily BJ sent me a whole bag of the stuff ages ago,  so I recoloured some of it and arranged over the 'log' that the owl is sitting on.   I'd curved the piece of card and glued it down,  took quite a bit of 3D glue on the Owl to ensure he was sitting on the log.

As requested just went to check on mum, to make sure she is awake as Strictly is on, she was fast asleep so woke her up as she'd asked,   got my head bitten off...  so she can snooze from now on.

Back to blogging...   where was I?

This is a close up of the wood grain,  and the new TH alphabet (Marketplace).    It is something I'll do again,  as well as using the embossing folders on the brayer for patterns.    Forgot to mention the web, which I stamped onto the grunge board,  then cut round it. 

Already started working on a new piece,  had the background made, so it was a case of finding some bits and bobs to go on to it. 

But need to get going on the calendars again, got a fair coming up and we need stuff to sell.   I will stamp the pieces and then assemble them,  won't take long as I know what it needs to look like.  Also took apart one creation on the canvas board,  it was too messy. 

The board still needs a few more coats of gesso before its useable again.    I may recreate the owl picture on it,  though I have got the flower soft lamp post,  still needing a tad more practice with that, well the little stamps and getting them in the right order.  See through stamps would be better,  especially for such tiddly stamps. 

Here's my promarker owl,  still think the effect is amazing,  it wasn't what I intended to do,  such a lovely flopportunity! 

A good day,  lovely crafting session, very satisfying.  I can only hope that the rest of the week follows suit. 

Hope you've all had a good weekend,  and have a good week.


Elizabeth said...

Hi Cass, like how your day started off so well until you hit bacongate!

I love this - the owl is fabulous and all the details work well together. I like the quotation and it's perfect here. Elizabeth xx

Dawn said...

Love the barn creation Cass, incredibly inspired. Lol, your gorgeous owl has a fab place to perch now.
Huge hugs x x x x

Cazzy said...

That is an amazing owl Cass, nice barn too!

Cazzy x

BJ said...

Gorgeous Cassidy and the new owly welcome banner, you have been busy. BJ PS thought I recognised the foilage LOL.

Julia S-W said...

Really great card Cass. I so love your owl as you know but making him an owl in a barn is inspired! You could change your post and link it up to ABAC - there's still time and it's perfect for the autumn colours/ halloween theme - just a thought!! I'll get you there one day!

Julia S-W said...

Hahaha!! You did link up - so pleased to see your work at Anything But A Card! This really is a great project and could easily be a great cover for a journal! Love all the texture and the colours are perfect.
Look out for the next challenge at Anything But A Card - I think you might just like it!

Christy said...

You did such a great job on this piece! That own is amazing!!! :) Thanks for joining us at Anything but a Card!!!! :) :) :)

Carla said...

Love this! I love the owl and all the texture! Thanks so much for joining us at Anything But a Card!