Saturday, 27 October 2012

It's the weekend

The weather is just how I like it, cold but sunny.  Had some frost on the car this morning which was a bit of a shock.  Yesterday I had all my pre op stuff,  very boring,  and they've changed the system,  so whereas it took about 45 minutes before this time it took over 2 hours!  Most of that was spent waiting around

Today was stock up day,   have my op in a couple of weeks so need to make sure I've got the basics in.    So off to craft shop,   I was tempted by some stamps, but stuck to the list, sort of,  only veered away in getting the washables,  seen them on CnC, and was curious.    On the way out I looked round the Christmas display in the garden centre,  and spotted some owls...  well I couldn't resist,  I'm a sucker for owls,  so bought the little one.

Once back home I made this pic.  I got some grunge paper, which I hoped my thinner dies would cut, and yep it worked!  Didn't work with the slice, in fact I think it would probably dull the blade.   It took a few passes through the Bug,  but they were nicely cut.   The detail isn't showing up on the pic, but the flowers were stamped and then embossed.  The heart was dunked in flower soft,  the lettering came from the Slice, then coloured and embossed with the UTEE. 

I then inked a piece of card using Tim Holtz distress inks,  and embossed it with a sizzix folder.

I stamped it before the embossing,  wanted it to look as if it  had been graffitied.   I inked the brick work again to give it definition.   This is one of the Tim Holtz range of folders,  since it was a reasonable price I was happy to buy it.  After all that it was a case of finishing it off, so I used a piece of the washable card,  was interested to see how it would ink, in fact same as card really. 

Worrying time with mum,  she got her new bank card today,  good thing I was here as she was confused thinking they'd sent her a credit card and was all set to cut it up.  Found her sitting in her bedroom when I came back from shopping,   she was giving herself a pep talk,  she's still managing to dress herself, just,  she needs help with her shoes and socks.   Walking is now very difficult for her,  a wheelchair isn't an option as I can't push her as she is just too heavy.   We've considered the electric scooter,  I'm not sure she'd cope with it very well,  or if she bother using it.   She's at the stage where anything unfamiliar frightens her,   nor is she able to taken in instructions,  I've shown her umpteen times how to use the new phone but she still gets confused, the confusion then causes anger and so it becomes a vicious circle.   She was insisting that she could look after herself whilst I was in hospital,  it took some convincing for her to agree that she needed someone here with her. 

Bum side to the week, I lost my gold chain,  I've worn it round my neck for the last 20 odd years, only once has it ever come undone!   I've searched the flat but no sign of it,  can only assume that it came loose when I was out.  Really upset about it,   and its the only thing of value I have.   I know in the grand scheme of things it is a minor thing,  but I still feel upset. 

All for now folks.


Julia S-W said...

Wonderful layers going on here Cass. Really love those flowers too. I'm getting more and more fond of grunge board and paper too - I like the smell of it as well! What I also really think is good here is your composition. It looks as if everything has been carefully placed and is meant to be where it is - I like that. Sometimes people seem to throw everything at a background and fix it where it lands but not this one.
I'm so sorry about your chain. It's horrible when you lose something that feels like a part of you. I've lost one gold earring from two different sets which I've had for years and I know exactly how you feel.
Well done on the craft shop abstinence - I've stopped going at the moment and I'm trying hard not to look at things on line as well!!
Enjoy your sunday.

BJ said...

Oh I'd feel really miffed about the chain too, especially as you have worn it for so long. I hope it turns up, just prayed that it does.
Gosh your Mother's condition is becoming difficult, do you have power of attorney for her? Hope the stairs to your flat aren't going to become an issue!
Oh and the crafting (nearly forgot that as life seems to take priority) Love your piece and especially the embossing folder (oh rats another thing on list!!!) Can't believe grunge paper works, I have that too and would never have thought it would work with thin dies in the Cuttlebug. Well you learn something new every day. Thanks and HUGS BJ