Monday, 8 October 2012

Monday... ugh

Think it was the thought of what lay ahead of me that made me wish to roll over and stay under the duvet!   The days activities were: strip beds, laundry and declutter mum's wardrbobe.   There are now two large bin bags of her clothes, most of which she has not worn for years,  waiting to be disposed of.   I was ruthless,  mum put up a few arguments but I ignored them,  she still has plenty of clothes. 

So it was a relief to turn my attention to crafting,  and then to get distracted from my original aim,  your fault Julia, to go look at the Make My Monday challenge...  before I knew it I was on Google looking for old images of Paris, and found these lovely images.   Think it still 'needs' something, but can't figure out what!  

I had a lovely time making the background. I used the radiant rains,  then splattered (a lovely word 'splattered') some on to bubble wrap,  then some dylusions....  felt the urge to use the flourish stamps.  Since bikes are associated with Paris the lady on bike got used, plus the post mark stamp.   I knew the gaps would be filled with the images so didn't want to go too mad.

I then cut some spiral roses,  inked them up, stamped them,  and glued,  they had to dry,  on TV,  held together with some useless clothespegs, well they are useless as actual clothespegs, but great for crafting.    Background was drying... and I was twiddling thumbs, so made dinner,  Cottage pie,  all ready to go in the oven later.   Yes, multi tasking! 

These are the images I got from Google, printed onto canvas paper,  and I cut two silhouettes.   Then it was a case of sticking it all down.  Maybe it needs the man?   I discarded him, but now I'm thinking that he ought to be there.  

The cottage pie was delicious by the way.  Just not liking this picture very much...  needs some twiddling with.

Think I prefer the ad hoc layout pic I took with the bits and bobs than the finished article.   Note to self,  chuck things down in future and see where they land. 

Oh well there is always tomorrow...  


BJ said...

Oh Cassidy you are really coming along great with your backgrounds and creations. Super job. BJ

BJ said...

Organised chaos really - LOL - BJ

Julia S-W said...

Wow Cassidy, I think you're more than 'coming along! This is wonderful and I love all the layers that you've built up to create your card. The image on canvas is a gem - it's a great technique isn't it? Love the flowers in the top corner too. I don't think I would have added anything else but that's just me. Sorry it's taken a while for me to get here.