Saturday, 20 October 2012

Feeling rosy - NOT

I had my flu jab yesterday,   since when my arm has been aching and I've felt decidedly grotty! 

Julia complimented me on my embossing,  well trust me it has taken years to get ir right.  I always used to end up with bits of powder,  so I used an anti static bag,  which kind of worked,  then I saw Barbara Gray just using talcum powder and a brush, so I've switched to that method with much better results.   I always keep a fine paint brush handy as well to brush away any stray powder.   The trickiest part has been the actual stamping,  once I had a tendency to over stamp,  but now with a LOT of practice I get it right most of the time!    I would like one of the  newer heat guns that have a dual control,  but that can wait,  the heat gun I use works fine,  and it came with my very first card craft kit which must be over ten years ago. 

For this piece I made a rosette,  but then cut the edges in random fashion!    I cut some flowers and then embossed them with powder,  coppre and holographic black,  I used the web again, but again drew long spidery lines.  The rosette is mounted on a tag,  which I stamped and embossed,  made the tiny bow from a scrap of ribbon,  very fiddly and without the bowmaker!  The middle of the rosette is made from watch parts,   and the lamp post is from the Flower soft range of stamps.   I also started another background, and made some flowers for more projects.  Also got my Tim Holtz alphabet die,  it almost ended up being chucked away as it took a few goes to get it going.   I am using a cuttlebug, but don't think that would have mattered,  I noticed the more I ran it through the Bug, the deeper the die got and the easier it cut.  I would like the extension plates,  just looked around to see how much they are and they'll have to go on the Christmas wish list.   No complaints about the service,  I ordered the die from Amazon, £9.95 plus £1 p&p,  and it arrived the next day.    

I just watched a few videos on Youtube,  some of these videos are fantastic, but two I tried to watch were awful,   what was being filmed wasn't in camera shot,  why don't they watch it back and check to see if it is okay? 

Hoping this yucky flu like feeling disappears soon.   Thanks for stopping by

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Julia S-W said...

Great card again Cassidy! I love what you did with the rosette. I've got the TH one and now I don't know what to do with it!
I know what you mean about some of the YouTube videos, hideous!! Good source of technique though isn't it? I've learnt quite a bit going on there.
Forgot to say how much I like your blog heading - was it easy to do? I'm so fed up with mine.