Sunday, 14 October 2012

A very crafty day

I had one of those days when the craft just went smoothly...  

Julia asked about the use of PVA glue and embossing powder.  So,  it came about as a happy accident,   I was using the glue to apply glitter, then changed my mind and wanted to use embossing powder, I wondered what would happen if I combined the two... the answer is this - see pic.   In this example I've used a thick enamel powder,  but using the glue lets you 'draw' where you want the powder,  great for when

you may want an uneven edge,  or random edging.    I apply the glue and then the powder,  then leave it to dry,  if the glue is too wet you can get a gooey mess.

This one has  been done with the gold embossing powder,  and you can see how you can get a lovely effect with the glue which worked well on this bookatrix creation.   In this pic the glue is still drying, so the powder hasn't been heat set.

Julia also asked what Bookatrix is...

Not sure if this pic helps.   I guess the best way to describe it is as a faux book,  you can add up to 4 pages,  or is it 5?   Each page goes down in size,  and an embossing board is used,   not sure if it was the Glitter Girls who had the original idea, they do sell the boards.   The pic shows the last page for this particular 'book' on the board,  still to be cut out.   I used to have problems with the embossing, then I switched to bigger ball tool, and use a tumble dryer sheet to make the ball tool run smoother.

So after all that... here's the finished article.  Pretty much removed from the original idea, which had been to use the Hocus Pocus stamps.  Instead I've used Clarity stamps.   I aged the final page,  inking and the like, plus the old plastic bag trick,  then I added the embossing powder, there is also some round the mini picture,  the edge of the mini pic has been cut with a ragged edge,  the edges then were dabbed with a versamark pad.

I was having a look through the challenges and spotted that one was birds, bees or butterflies.  So I got my large owl stamp,   stamped him onto Clarity paper.  The idea then was to colour him with the pro markers,  so I did, but I began dabbing with the chunky end,  then realised I was getting this lovely effect.   By dabbing I was of course releasing more of the alcohol, so was getting that alcohol ink effect - which I love.  It was a complete accident.  The clarity paper is glossy, or coated,  so it has a lovely sheen to it.   I do like happy accidents,  although someone yesterday called them 'floppertunties',  which is just as delightful.

So one project finished,  one near clompletion and believe it or not I did some prep work for the Sunday stampers challenge, which is 'metal',  very handy as my bag of  steampunk watch parts is on its way.     I can only hope that the creative juices keep flowing as they did today.  Note to self,  don't exceed your reach!

Thanks for stopping by...  hope you have a good week

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Julia S-W said...

Wow, thanks Cassidy! I'd never have thought of using the powder with glue but now I've seen your pictures I'm going to have a go and see what happens.
I think I get the bookatrix thingy - does it stay that way?
Now to the owl. I'm going to say it: he's totally amazing!!!!! I love how you've used the promarkers (I don't own a single one!) and he's just wonderful. You must use him and show him somewhere as he's far too good to hide away on here!
You cleary had a good and productive weekend!