Wednesday, 10 October 2012

It's a bit nippy out there

It is definitely time for the winter wardrobe, and after decluttering mum's wardrobe felt I ought to do the same to mine - there is actually some space in there now.

I even had a walk, which was a mistake really as my knee was very sore and gave way on me a couple of times.  But it was nice to have some fresh air, but there was a definite chill in the air.

I've not yet signed up to the Whats on your desk - yet.  But thought I'd have a practice run.  So this was what was on my desk today,  prep work for the owl calendar,  two owls stamped and waiting to be cut out, coloured,  pro markers at the ready,  my black versamark ink pad,  the bark background for the calendar, plus what I did yesterday, the revamp of the Vintage Paris picture.

Much happier with this one.  I cut a piece of cardboard,  backed it with some nice dotty paper. I made the second background the same way I did on Monday, with the radiant rains and stamps.   This time I printed out the pic of the Eiffel tower on to card and made it bigger,  I ripped the edges,   printed out the other two pics on canvas paper,   and this time used the bike die cut.  To finish it all off I used a TH sentiment stamp,  cut out of second but smaller pic of the Eiffel Tower and stuck on,  and the 3 roses,  I used the coredinations card for them.   Think this is a success.

The rest of the afternoon was spent making the calendars,  with a break to take mum to dentist,  she broke a tooth.  We got there just on time,  she seems to have lost all concept of time,  and doesn't realise that she can't move very fast.  What annoyed me was that even though the dentist is literally round the corner, she had to light a cigarette in the car! 
She had only barely lit it when we were entering the car park.

Then we had a surreal conversation about a loaf I'd taken out of the freeze,   I found mum about to put it back in!   She was convinced that the loaf needed to go in the freezer.   My weekend break seems like eons ago.    I did get some nice news,  that another arty weekend, with the same gang is planned for March next year, and at the same place.   Plus a mini weekend in Cardiff,  hopefully just before Christmas,  if the knee is up to it.

Last pic is the Owl,  just love him,  think I've got the colouring right this time,  I went round the edge of the background with a pro-marker,  the hand stayed steady - just!

No idea what I'll be doing tomorrow,  may just wait and see what happens.

Thanks for stopping by. 


BJ said...

I think you are ready for WOYWW Cassidy you can still link up this week. BJ

Julia S-W said...

Well, well, well! Now I'm in a dilemna because I really liked the other card. However, this one seems crisper and I think I prefer the composition but I can't say why! The bike looks so good in the front there and I love the way you've used a variety of french based images and brought them altogether - very clever.
I'll be impressed if you do WOYWW or whatever it's called! I just don't think I could find the time to link up and write even more comments - I'm already way behind with the people I normally visit. Go for it though - more people should be seeing your work and I'm on a mission for that one!
The calendar is really lovely - the owl image is gorgeous. Is it for the Craft Barn calendar challenge or are you just making them? (did I miss that in the text I ask myself!!)
Must go and finish my book thing I'm making complete with a skull and rusted nails! Can you imagine??
Have a great weekend and I'm jealous of your weekend retreat thingy even if it is next March!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Cass, I can see you joining in with WOYWW very soon - your desk is looking perfect. I really like your card - your French themed collage is very nicely put together. Love the owl too.

Many thanks for visiting my beanie hat post and for leaving the link to a pattern. I didn't mention it in my post but I did put UK into my Google search and it still through up tons of patterns intended for the American market. Since posting I've discovered that I should be using Aran weight wool to make an adult version of the pattern I used ... I learn something new every day :)

Many thanks again and I hope you have a great weekend. Elizabeth xx