Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Up and at em...

Before turning my attention to crafting I first defrosted the fridge/freezer, and of course as usual mum wondered why she hadn't bought a frost free version... !   Next on list of things to do was finish off decluttring airing cupboard.  We have the good fortune to have a walk in airing cupboard, but that also means that it can become a dumping ground. I dug out the unwanted stuff,  a friend is having a fair soon, and she wants stuff to sell fortunately!  Also removed a large bag of unwanted stuff... now earmarked for the tip.   Felt very good about my mornings work,  to complete the set I contacted a local music shop and asked if they bought djembe drums,  chap said to bring it along and he'd take a look.   Djembe has to go so crafty desk can fit in room.  Felt very virtuous! 

And so to crafting... while being distracted by some rather nice goodies on the DB show,  liking those pastel things and the pastes!   Meanwhile back at the craft table,  I made the background above, similar to yesterday,  and then used this lovely paper which got stuck on to a very stiff piece of card. 

I knew what I wanted to do,  which sometimes happens, but doesn't always work.   Then I chose my bits and bobs,  a frame, silhouette of a ladee,  small tag and then set about making my first rosette.  Looked a bit daunting, and it was fiddly, made mistake of making first one too wide and not long enough, but chopped it in half.  Next problem, no hot glue...   so superglue to the rescue!

I used a rich chocolately kanban paper for the rosette,  I even managed NOT to stick myself to it using the superglue.  I randomly put some versamark on the frame and used some gold embossing powder,   did the same for the ladee... next up, more versamark on the embossed strip of music notes,  and some perfect pearls were added.   Rub and buff would have been nice, but you have to go with what you've got.

So that was all my bits and bobs done.  I was getting seriously tempted to order the pastes DB was demoing,  the looked lovely,  had the bigger kit been on easy pay I'd have gone for it.  Splodemat man was there,  guess I'll have to get me one of those mats,  my current craft mat has seen better days and my blending can, er, leave something to be desired at times.   Was also liking the stencils... so much stash and so little cash :-(

So to the finished piece. which  I rather like. 

I then checked my emails,  paypal had deleted my card!  Yikes,  but only because I'd failed to put the new one on... doh.  So did that and realised that the money I'd earned from my craft sales was still in my pp account... oooh...   yes of course I spent some of it!   Chose some dies,  and still got pennies to spend!  

I have decided to invest in a hot glue gun. I was using one on my art weekend and it proved very handy.   I love my pinflair, but some stuff needs to be stuck down rightaway and superglue is just too risky. 

Well tomorrow I'm off to the recycling centre to get rid of the stuff from airing cupboard,   off load other stuff on to friend for her fair,  supermarket shop,   via argos for hot glue gun - they want 18 quid for one on CnC, are they nuts?   Do I care if it is pink, nope,  just as long as it sticks things down I don't care if it is dayglo yellow.    I had the same feeling about the storage thing for the pens that they were flogging,  my reaction was: why?   A friend has converted an unwanted CD rack to take her pens,  mine are in a clear plastic bag.  Some crafter emailed to say she had 17,000 stamps... even DB was gobsmacked,  my thoughts were - she has actually counted them, and where the hell does she keep them all? 

On that note...   must see how many challenges I can enter this piece?

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Elizabeth said...

Hi Cassidy, your stamp collage is lovely and like the effect of the gold on the frame.

17,000 stamps! What's the point ... you'd never use all of them and I'd rather tear out my eyes than take the time to count even the few I have already.

Elizabeth xx