Saturday, 13 October 2012

A different view

A few years ago I bought a bookatrix board, used a few times then stored it.  This morning I was watching CnC and saw the board being used for some grunge art!   Now that had never occured to me,  not sure why as there is no reason that bookatrix can'be used for altered art work.  So after a declicious lie in I set to work.

I decided to use the Hocus Pocus stamps,  so wanted an autumnal look to the backgrounds.  I used some alcohol inks on some gold mirri,  then stamped round the edges.

Part two was the middle layer.  This time I used plain orange cardstock.  A combo of Pva and thick embossing enamel helped make the fancy edge,  this time I left it to dry before using the heat gun.  I got the look I wanted!    Then to the final piece, made a good start,  bit of stamping, inking etc,  then decided I wasn't happy with it, but knew what I wanted to do.  So this piece will be finished off tomorrow.   My own fault as I was dithering over which stamps to use, one side worked, the other side didn't.   At least I have two bits done. 

Also had a lucky find on ebay,  I was after some steampunk stuff, but frankly the prices wanted for just a few pieces is a bit steep.  So I typed in watch parts,  and bingo,  seems like watchmakers have cottoned on to us steampunk fans,  lots of watch parts by the bag load!    Yeah you can be the cog dies, but you can't get the itsy bitsy ones. 

A very productive two days, swap card now made and ready to go into post,  a birthday card to make...   And must look round at the challenges, see if I can make any next week.  

All for now...    Oh almost forgot, a tip when using alcohol inks,  the dilution mix comes in a bottle, I've transferred it to a small spray bottle,  works much better that way,  and lets you clean up your craft mat as well.


Julia S-W said...

I don't have a clue what a bookatrix is but I like what you've done with this! The colours and stamping work really well and I'm intrigued by the embossing with glue and powder - would love to see that in a close up. If you continue with this piece and as long as it isn't a card, your work would fit the new ABAC challenge which goes live tomorrow (shhh - don't say I told you!!).
Hope you have a lovely day tomorrow.

Cass said...

You mean I've done something you never have? Wow, will take close up pics