Thursday, 12 November 2015

A Post on the Post Office...

Welcome to the blue post office,  things have moved on since Monday.  I did spend Tuesday in bed, I picked up a kidney infection from somewhere. Luckily my blood tests picked it up, and the doctor prescribed antibiotics.  I'm still feeling tired, and haven't got much of an appetite but definitely much better than I was on Tuesday when I stayed in bed all day.   Yesterday I painted all the inside of the house,  walls, floors etc. This morning it was glued together.  

Here it is, with that telephone box that I painted on Monday.   Yep, it does look very realistic,   hats off to Bea, the designer,  the box is spot on in every way, it even has a phone inside.   I managed to complete it on Tuesday afternoon, in bed!   I have to say that Harvey hasn't been much of a nurse, in fact he has been useless.  He looked very confused when I went back to bed on Tuesday,  well it was daytime, and normally the bed is his during the day.  He kept me company and did make a nice furry hot water bottle.  

The little pavement has had some random stones and paving slabs stuck on.  The penny is there to remind everyone of how small these little houses are.  

The pavement will be painted first, then have some sand and grass added.  I'm getting more of a feel for how small stuff has to be,  when I first began building them I kept making mistakes with the measurements.    The blue paint is the surplus from painting round the windows and door, it has nothing to do with the exterior colour.  

Today I painted the outside,  it is called Chapel Stone.   While I waited for my prescription I popped in to our DIY cum will sell anything type shop,  it is like Aladdin's cave!   I got the paint there and more sandpaper.   I was thinking of using the filler,  but then decided that a Post Office would look 'smart'.   So it was on with some medium sandpaper, then a couple of coats of the paint.   I even remembered to use some masking tape round the inside of the windows and door - not bad for a part functioning brain.  And that was all I could do, it all has to dry,  then we can start adding stuff like windows. 

Here he is,  Mr Useless...  currently sat by the front door watching the rain come down. 

We very nearly had another crisis tonight, I noticed that the central heating hadn't come on - not what I needed!   Nor could I reset it as the reset switch is bust, have been asking for it to be fixed for ages :-(   So what to do,  tried a pair of pliers, nope, so got all frustrated and booted the boiler and, it clicked into life :-)   I'll still get it checked,  and remind them that they promised me a new boiler ages ago. 

I'm beginning to feel more like a human being,   the last couple of days I've felt so tired,  and that is in spite of having plenty of sleep.  Not even been waking up during the night.   I have to have the blood tests repeated next week,  doc wants to check stuff, then I have to go talk to him about a referral to a psychologist.    And there is a storm on its way,  one which has a name... and?   Not sure what the point is of giving it a name,  and will we get it, yesterday they said we'd have rain all day so... yes of course it was dry and mild. 

Petite Properties have also been very naughty and brought out a new kit...   Winterberry Hall,  even the name is pretty.   But after much thought I'm sticking with buying Hedgerow Cottage as my next kit,  it will be my Xmas pressie to me!    Now I need a cuppa and think I'll go to bed.  

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