Monday, 2 November 2015

Kind of snowy..

Evening.  Apologies for the 'odd' blog post the other evening,  a friend skyped me and instead of pressing 'save' on the blog I must have pressed publish.

On Saturday I began decorating the base, which I admit did look like one big mess.  But it was only temporary, or so I hoped.   There was a plan, kind of...   At least the cobblestones worked out this time,  I put more thought into this time and took more care.   There are a couple of lumps of air dried clay, sand and gravel.  It was delightfully messy,  which is always the best form of crafting.

So to Sunday's work.  Have to admit that it took me a while to get going yesterday,  not on the shop, just on getting me out of bed. 

So the base was, over the course of the afternoon, transformed into this small snowy landscape.   Think there is a bit of everything on it,  I also used my ultra thick white embossing powder,  I deliberately overheated it so it would melt into the gravel.  It all got a good coat of white paint, then some flower soft went on, and a bit of grass... 

 And so on and so forth.   The roof, which had been tiled the day before, was also given the sand treatment, and then painted.  I do like how the sand has transformed the roof, made it look much more interesting.    By then it was time for a cuppa,  and some choc, Harvey heard me rustling the bag and thought I was getting one of his treats, he came hurtling into the kitchen looking hopeful.  Yes, he got one of his treats.  

Next the snow was added!   Actually it is glitter, sadly once the glue had dried the glitter seemed to disappear so out came the white paint, and my tiny paint brush.  

I've just picked out bits of the roof,  rather than have it completely covered in snow.  Though I think if I'd chosen to do that then I would have had to change plans,  and used some filler to give some depth, and a few lumps, before putting on the tiles.  I put some snow round the chimney, making it thicker on one side, as if it has built up over time.  I just kept going until I was happy with the result.

Next for the snow treatment was the front of the shop. 
I put the 'snow' inbetween the wooden frames,  trying to make it look like it had just caught in there.   I just kept adding more glue and glitter until I was happy. 

Still have the rest of the shop to do, and the other side of the roof.  It will take a few days as it all needs to be built up.  Still got my thinking cap on as regards making a Christmas tree. 

Hasn't it been foggy the last few days?   Yesterday it was really bad,  I could hear the ships blowing their foghorns as they left the port.  This morning it took ages to clear, and it was so cold.  I had to go out as I had a few things to post, and it was very definitely warm fleece weather.    Even Harvey was reluctant to venture out this morning,  he was happily snuggled up on my bed.  

I'm now trying to decide what my next project should be, so much choice!   The Christmas shop will take the rest of the week to complete,   and a friend is visiting next week.  But I will need something to do,   did someone mention housework?   What is that?    I frankly think it is overrated,  only to be engaged with when absolutely necessary!   I mean why has no one ever invented the self cleaning house?  

Time to stop,  Harvey is howling for his supper...   so all for now.

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