Tuesday, 3 November 2015

The snowman, the shop and the tree...

Evening.   Best start at the bottom, or base... honest it is a bit different!  And there is a tree... more on that later.   It has had a bit more snow added to it, and more green stuff.  Snowman is also being transformed, he's had some paint, and a dollop of glitter. 

There's more glitter on the pavement bit of the shop,  but still think we need more fluffy stuff on the base.   A nice, bright red post box would be the icing on the cake...  

The roof is now snow covered.  Did the sides of the shop as well,  and went over the timber frames with some dark grey.

I was getting a bit too engrossed in my work and almost was late for my GP appointment,  it is a good job that the surgery is literally round the corner.  I made it, just.    It was a successful appointment,  I came away with what I wanted: a referral, and a long chat.   We have a nice old codge of a GP,  but although he's nice, and easy to talk to, he is also reluctant to do any real doctoring and is more keen on reaching for the prescription pad,  or telling you about his wife who has mulitple medical conditions according to him, if you have it, then she has it.

And here is the tree!   Not yet bedded in to the scenery, but it will be.   I went up to one of our many garden centres to peruse the Christmas decorations.  And in amongst the small village stuff,  those collectibles, were these trees - perfect.  Sadly the small people weren't small enough,  they would have been fine for a 1:24 house,  but not for my quarter shop.  But I shall keep hunting,   I was toying with the idea of some mini lights...  

But I'm really pleased with it so far,   still some finishing touches to complete.   Oh, I also picked up some mini walls...   festive mini walls.  I'll make them work somewhere!  

Another grotty day,  not foggy,  just grey and cold.   Me and Harvey were in the same lazy mood this morning,   it was hard dragging myself out of my warm bed,  and it took him even longer.  Tonight it is misty and raining,  a typical November evening,  Harvey is cheesed off as he can't go out, well he could but he is a wimp and doesn't like the rain, or getting his paws wet.  

I have my next project lined up, the Post Office,  which I think is going to be another winter scene.  It comes with an old fashioned telephone box.   And still no cigarettes!   I am rather happy about that, so is my bank balance, which looked much healthier the other day when I checked it.   I'm also in credit with my bedroom tax, so I can have two free months.  To keep the roll going I managed to buy a Christmas present at the garden centre.   It was funny, at the checkout was a young man, so obviously his first day, very nervous,  and not sure what to do.  I had to nudge him into wrapping the glass candle holder in tissue,   it was a gentle nudge.  We've all been there, that first job, first day, nevous as hell,  I always thought the second day was the worst cos you then knew what you were in for. 

Harvey is now settling down for the evening, on my jeans... oh joy,  ginger fur covered jeans.    Guess it is time for me to close down...    thanks for stopping by

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