Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Some beautiful windows....

I did go with the idea of the stained glass windows, and it worked beautifully.   Now debating whether to colour the larger panes of glass.  It is hard to believe how tiny these windows are!   You can really see the craftmanship that goes into these little houses/buildings. 

Whilst I was waiting for the glass paint to dry, I painted the pub with the sand and paint mix.  I'd managed to get some sand,  then I had to dry it in the microwave!   Wasn't sure how much sand to put with the paint, so it was a guessing game.   I used a small plastic cup, quarter filled it, then added around 6 teaspoons of sand, gave it a good stir and used the stubby brush to apply it.   As you can see from the pic it worked, and I do like the effect. I left a gap round each window for the frame, and masked off the lower ground area.   Then it was set to one side to dry overnight.  

I applied some more glass paint to the windows, including the upper floor windows.  Then I finished off the front door.  I'd already created a tiled floor to the entrance,  just marked off the area into squares, then used one of my fine liners.  Finally I gave it a coat of varnish to protect it.

So today it was time to start adding the bits and bobs, window frames, quoins, and paint the front of the pub.  

I also had to figure out how to add the signage.  I had set up a file on Craft Artist Pro and designed a sign,   but during a clear out of my craft stuff I came across some tiny peel off letters.  I found that they were the perfect size to fit in the aperture,  all I had to do was set them out in a straight line, and evenly spaced!  After a bit of juggling, I managed it,  I used some glossy black card on which to apply the letters, and masking tape acted as a guide.    I used black pain to go underneath the frontage to the pub; I'm also discovering that different brands of acrylic paint work better on the mdf surface, and the mountcard. 

Now for the big reveal...   it is still needing a door, and the lower ground floor windows.   But the upper floor windows are all glazed,  and are framed, plus they had their sills added.  

On the frontage you can now see how I used the peel off letters,  it took a while to get the spacing right.  I know some would work it out, but I have to do it by eye.   But it looks good - yes?    Well I think so, in fact I am very pleased with it.   The front door and entrance is ready to go,  but I was getting tired, and since it is fiddly to fit I decided to wait until tomorrow.  

I'll be cutting the roof tiles tomorrow, plus sorting out the chimney,  then I can start on the pavement area.  

It's not been a bad couple of days.  Yesterday went incredibly smoothly.  First I picked up the paperwork for my blood test,  headed round to clinic thinking I'd have to make an appointment, nope, they did it there and then.  Next stop: beach, fill bag with sand, ignore odd looks from dog walkers...    then to Boots to get my script filled.  For once Boots was quiet,  script was filled straightaway, so onto supermarket - Harvey required food!   That too was quiet,  and then it was back home, and I just about managed to dodge the rain.     But I was very tired when I got home,  it doesn't take much to tire me out at the moment.    In fact last night I was in bed by 9 pm,  and fast asleep by 10ish.  I had to watch the Pottery competition first,  I was disappointed with one of the participants, who didn't seem to be trying, she was eliminated in the end.  But it is fascinating to watch them work, and to learn about clay,  and the uncertainty,  not knowing if your pot will survive the firing in the kiln, or just end up in pieces,  not sure I could go through that.   

Today I slept in till 9 a.m.,   even then I could have stayed in bed, but I got up.  Harvey was also being a lazy so and so, he was snuggled up in his radiator bed!    I decided to get out, and went to The Range,   which is in Southport, a twenty minute drive,  which I thought was manageable and was proved to be wrong.    In one way it was successful as I managed to get part of a friend's Xmas pressie, but energy wise it was silly as I ended up exhausted.   I managed to get to Boots to pick up some Oil of Cloves,  but that was it,  there was no way I could have managed to look round any more shops.   So I came home,   found one very hungry cat waiting for me. 

Pretty near my own bed time...  will sign off now.  Hoping to have lots more to show you over the next few days.  Stay safe and thanks for stopping by.

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