Sunday, 15 November 2015

Almost there... sort of!

A rather boring photo, but an unusual view of the Post Office.   We have a chimney,  complete,  and a roof, tiled and with its first coat of paint.  You can also just about spy the dormer windows.   It is always nice getting to this point, but also a little sad as the adventure is almost over... 

Oh there is still much to do of course,  the base must be made and suitably adorned.   Plus there are all the little finishing bits and bobs to be done.  The exterior has to undergo a lot of weathering/distressing,  it all looks far too new!    I've begun to distress the Cottage Stores,  just using watered down paint,  it was the left over stuff from painting the tiles on this roof, the excess was then wiped off with a tissue.    I found some small straws, so watch out for drain pipes! 

A lot, as you can see from this pic, has been done to the Post Office over the last couple of days.   The dormer windows were completed today, now they just need their roof tiles.   The rear portion of the roof will be glued in place once its finished.  

I was in Hobbycraft yesterday, looking for stars... though I didn't find what I wanted!   Anyways, I picked up a packet of crimp beads,  used in jewellry making,  but they make great door knobs.   And since they are also so tiny they are easy to lose,   I'd already lost two...  so it is nice to have some spares in place.  I also picked up some more clay, it was on offer!  But that was all I got,  nothing else took my fancy I'm afraid.   The weather wasn't helping, it was pouring down, and so dark even though it was mid afternoon.  

One final pic,  and can you spot the letterbox?   I thought I'd challenge myself to see if I could make one.  It is just a very (VERY) small piece of card.  But I felt it was a nice finishing touch. 

I've just been on ebay and sourced some mini lamp posts!  Not quite the Victorian ones I wanted, but still very nice, and also the right size.   They also work!  A bonus. 

I had lazyitis this morning,  it was 10.30 when I woke up. In my defence I had been awake from 2 a.m till 4 a.m.,  and I've been really tired all week,  so I am hoping that todays accidental lie in helps.   I'm not normally one for staying in bed, partly because I get so stiff, and then there is Harvey, who invariably wants feeding or to be let out, however this morning he was also deep in the land of nod. 

After the lie in it took me even longer to actually get going, not that there is much to 'get going' for on a Sunday.  Harvey was still in fuss pot mode,  so I took all the food away...  the look of horror on his face was a picture to behold.   He went off in a huff while I tidied up the kitchen, then he returned, howling for food, so down went the bowl, and he snubbed it, so I took it away - again the look of horror.  I got washed and dressed,   came back to the kitchen,  Harvey was asking for food, down it went and this time - he ate it!    We've had cuddles, and he had a play, and he's now had two good meals.   So I can only hope that his fussy mood is over for now. 

All for now...   stay safe, warm and dry this week.

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