Monday, 9 November 2015

A recap...

As the song says: Let's start at the very beginning...    I thought I'd have a recap of all the quarter houses I've made so far. 

So the very first was: Teacup Cottage.  I never imagined I'd make a base for it, let alone do any landscaping.   My skills were tested in making this tiny house,  I did get a few things wrong,  but gradually this little house came together.  And once you've made one...   you may as well make another.

Thimble Cottage,  which really did present a challenge in having a wonky roof, and a dormer window.  I did try to make some faux brick work, but changed the exterior finish to a smooth render.   I was a bit more adventurous with the chimney, using the fine gravel.  The wonky roof did work out, after a lot of sanding.  I'm still addng foliage to both trees,  there is also a rockery in the background and a wonky fence. 

There was some downsizing for the third projet: The Shepherd's Hut.  A few of my crafting friends said it would make a lovely craft space.  I thought this would present the biggest challenge, but in fact it was the easiest.  It came with a base and fences, plus the stile.  I just had to add the imagination, which I hope I managed to do.  If I have a favourite, it is this little hut, inside is a small woodburning stove, a small bed and a table.   You can easily imagine a shepherd caring for his flock. 

Number 4,  The Cottage Stores, moving from house to shops.   This was put together a little too quickly for my liking.   I'd worked out that less is more when it came to applying the paint,  as in, use less water.   I also made the roof myself,   I wasn't sure I'd have the patience to make such a small roof, but I did.    The base got changed three times!   My first attempt at cobblestones was laughable,  way too big,  and not offset.   But with a bit of determination the shop got a new base, I had another go at cobblestones,  and didn't rush things this time.   Now it is starting to come together.  The tree now has some foliage on it,  it needs a lot more!   I've found a small cap that will soon be a waste bin, and a few adverts that will be shrunk down to fit on the walls. 

Never thought I'd have built five of these small buildings.  The Christmas Shop was the one I almost started with, but after some thought I decided that I would need to build up my skills.   The shop itself didn't present too many problems,   getting the right weathered look did.   I didn't want it to look too battered,  so it was a balancing act between not so new and not so old.    A steady hand, white paint and a very small paint brush was also required to add the snow.    I managed to find the round base at Hobbycraft, it broke the bank at 85p!   Old craft stuff came in very handy to create the snowy look, the heavy duty embossing powder,  sand, glitter,  ordinary embossing powder, all got chucked on.    The fir tree was found amongst the Christmas decorations at a garden centre, and I made the snowman.   He's small,  or he's melting! 

And we arrive at number six...  or a part of it.  I was beginning to despair of seeing this kit.  I was expecting it to arrive on Saturday as it had been posted on Thursday.   No sign of it on Saturday, in fact no sign of any post people,  our usual postie was on holiday, and it was wet, very, very wet...  me, suggesting that perhaps the post didn't get delivered cos of the weather?   Nope,  but today the post was exceptionally late,  and lots of it...    Okay, no fun delivering post in the pouring rain,  I agree, but our post can be important,  a letter giving the date for an appointment,  or a birthday card for a child...   a bill that needs paying.    My post today did include a date for an appointment, fortunately it is for next week, but what if it has been for today or tomorrow?  

Right, moan over...  yep what you see in the picture is an old fashioned telephone box.  It comes with the phone, small posters etc, oh and stands next to a Post Office.   I won't be doing any work on it for the next couple of days as I have a friend coming to stay.   But today I just wanted to make a start on the telephone box.  With the grotty weather I needed to switch on my daylight lamp at 3pm!  I have painted the box, built the shelf and phone,  painted the frames for the posters, so it all just needs to be put together.  I won't be starting on the actual Post Office till Thursday. 

I do have an early start tomorrow, have an appointment with the nurse at 7.40 a.m.,   blood tests, one is a fasting test!   Hate those.   Then I need to sort out my hair,  it looked fine before I ventured out into the wind and rain...    ugh, I hate this type of weather. I don't mind wind, or rain, but not together!  And it was so blooming gloomy,  by 4pm I had switched on all the lamps.  Harvey of course was oblivious, he was happily snoozing on my bed.  He got booted out at 4.30 a.m. this morning,  well he was making such a nuisance of himself I had no choice. 

The other thing that is really irking me at the moment is this relentless campaign to demonise Jeremy Corbyn,  he may not be my preferred choice for the Labour Leader, but he does not deserve this constant sniping. The latest was his 'bow' at the centotaph!  Oh for crying out loud, the man paid his respects, he then went on to Horseguards and spoke with the many veterans there, while the other politicos headed off for lunch.   I can also remember a time when no-one, politicians included, gave a stuff about Remembrance Sunday,  when folk were not asked to pause in the shops for two minutes...  And I'm sick of certain royal types getting dressed up in uniforms that they have no right to wear...  and sporting medals that their mum gave them.  

Right, the moaning is over,  won't be around for a couple of nights, tomorrow I'll be enjoying a very nice curry!  Wednesday will see me and my friend at St George's Hall in Liverpool, we'll take part in the Remembrance service,  and then marvel the poppy display, enjoy some lunch and then I'll have to feign enjoyment at retail therapy...  my friend loves to shop,  and I hate it. 

I hope you manage to stay dry over the next few days, make the most of the mid temperatures the cold stuff is coming!    Thanks for stopping by to read my ramblings. 

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