Friday, 13 November 2015

Let there be light!

Doesn't this look pretty?    I put a small light inside the Christmas shop just as it was starting to go dark...   It certainly helped create a moody atmosphere.  

The weather has been foul today,  we've had all four seasons, at one point we even had some sleet.   Fortunately this morning it stayed dry so I was able to get supplies,  cat food, milk,  cat treats...   the important stuff!  

And you may not believe this but at 3 a.m. this morning Harvey decided he wanted to go out,  so I obliged...  and out he went into the wind and rain, he came back about ten minutes later looking rather windswept.   Which I thought was karma for having woken me up. 

I tried the same light in the Cottage Stores, which was parked on my craft desk, so please excuse the bottle of PVA glue!   Not yet got round to weathering the exterior of the shop yet.  You can just about spy the Post Office sitting next to the shop on the right...  more on that in a mo.

I've collected some tops of tubes of toothpaste, which I think will make suitable waste bins.  And must put the drain pipe back.    I need to source some lamp posts, they'd help with the street scene that I am hoping to create.

Here's the Post Office, which is now starting to look the part.  It was a busy afternoon.   I gave the exterior a second coat, whilst that was drying I painted the paving and cobble stones on the pavement.   Then all the windows were checked,  they were ready to be glued into place, except for the dormer windows.    I gave the window ledge for the small window a lick of paint, and the letter box was painted red - what else?   Then it was time for a cuppa while everything dried.

Then it was time to add the sand to the pavement,  it got a few layers, then it was painted.   The windows were glued into place, as was the letter box.  Then came the important bit, attaching the front of the Post Office to the pavement.   I had to scrape off some of the sand first,  then I left the tacky glue to get really tacky and stuck on the front partition.  Whilst that was drying I took the photos of the other two shops with the light inside.    I also finished the front door,  and stuck on the door handle.  The door just needs to be fixed into place.   It's all looking good.  Now I need to make the roof tiles,  lots of measuring and cutting to be done tomorrow.   Also need to get some stars...   don't ask, well not just yet. 

It is getting very wild and windy out there again.  I've no idea why but Harvey has decided to venture out!    I can hear him making some very pathetic cries...  not falling for it, he can get back in.  I'm feeling much better today, even managed a proper dinner tonight.   Sadly I am now starting to wilt, so think it is time for a nice mug of tea.   Hope you all stay dry this weekend. 

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