Thursday, 5 November 2015

Not one, but two shops!

Drum roll please...  I give you:  The Christmas Shop!    Yep, finished,   tree is stuck in place,  snowman has been painted,  and his nose has been given a very attractive shade of terracotta.   I think I'll go back to the garden centre and get those lights, they were designed for a small house such as this.

My advent candle also arrived,   it is very fat and has a long burning time.   I did see one in the garden centre but it was far too skinny,  there was also an advent candle tree, it was scented candles,  one for each day but I felt it was too big for my little flat. 

The good news: my post office is on its way!  Yippee. 

Remember the cottage stores?   It has sat, looking very sad while I spent all my time on the Christmas Shop.  So yesterday and today I gave it my full attention.   First job was to make a brand new base,  and the first attempt was a disaster!   I cut a piece of plywood down, but er,  it ended up being too small.   I'm hoping I can use it for something else.  Second attempt worked,  well it was the back of an old photo frame that was the perfect fit.  

Then I measured out some air dried clay to fit at the front of the shop, flattened it down, and marked it out to look like a cobbled road.  By the side of the shop I cut some balsa wood,  and stuck it down.  It was all left to dry overnight.

Today the wood was covered with the fine gravel, while the road was painted.  Then I slapped on some paint all over the gravel. 

Next:  tea break! 

Next item on the list, change the colour of the shop from white to raw umber, which is more like 'stone',  and smudge on some old paper using a blending sponge.  Now it looks much better,  th roof got the sand treatment,  then I mixed up some paynes grey,  raw sienna and a tiny bit of white, and dabbed that on. 

I dribbled some sand here and there over the cobbles, then blended it in with the paint.   All the edges on the shop were touched up with the raw umber.

I still had that hedge I'd started,  so I finished it and stuck that in place.  Now I'm thinking that some advertising signs would look good?  

 One more photo.    A bit more distressing on the walls and the shop will be done.  

I also had a mini makeover today:   a much needed haircut.   Now it looks nice,  the rain held off long enough for me to get the shopping and get home.  Then the heavens opened... stayed like that till early evening.   Now the bonfire is going, some builder has turned up and is now feeding the bloody bonfire.   None of us mind the bonfire, we just don't want the damn thing to go on all evening.    Harvey was desperate to go out, so I went down to the front door, opened it, he took one look and legged it back up the stairs!     I'm hoping things will quieten later so he can go out for a little while,  and I can get some peace from his whining.

So the Post Office is now on its way,  did someone say I may be hooked on small houses?   What would make you think that?    I'm going to have some shelves put up and the little houses can live on them.    I took some out of my bedroom and the small bedroom,  so no money involved,  just a few cans of beer as payment for the kindness of my neighbour.    I just need a name for my village...  

All for this evening,  hope your bonfire night has passed safely.

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