Thursday, 19 November 2015

tis the little things...

Have you spotted the new addition?   Look closely,  yep, a lamp post! They arrived yesterday,  I'm really pleased with them and may well get a few more.    I've also added more grubbiness to the shop,   used the TH sooty black ink and a sponge.   Used the dab dab, then dab technique,   as in dab on the ink pad, then on some paper and then on the item, that way you don't get too much were you don't want it. 

And there are also some ridge tiles,  or in this case, a piece of thick card, 1cm, and scored down the middle, then folded.  It just needs some paint and then glued into place.   It is my own idea,   I just noticed some on a roof and thought I'd try to make some for the models.   I may invest in a piece of mountcard,  it isn't too expensive and will be useful for stuff like the ridge tiles.

And to the Post Office,  rear roof is glued,  dormer windows now fixed into place.  Roof is fully tiled, painted and has had sand added,  it has dabs of green on it.   I've added another pavement at the side,  and I found a small plastic top which I was sure would be the right size for a waste bin.  So that got a coat of green paint followed by some clear nail varnish.   Just need to paint the pavement and cobblestones... 

A row of shops, well, two but there might be more.  There is a pub to be added,  well I thought any self respecting village should have a pub.  Not sure what I'll call the pub,  maybe the Nag's Head,  which was the name of the pub I once worked in.   It was a lovely pub,  a proper pub with three separate bars, and a bowling green - no pub garden.  It is still there, but the inside has been wrecked,  it is now just one huge eating place, no character whatsoever,  the bowling green was turned into a pub garden...    Yep, just another plastic pub.

Not had a good week, still feeling very tired and have to have some blood tests done again.  Harvey has been getting confused when I've gone to bed early.    Of course the weather hasn't helped,  we had Barney (who thinks up these names for the storms?),  wind and horizontal rain - oh joy.   Poor Harvey kept on trying to go out,  he got soaked a couple of times before he gave up.    Yesterday was just as bad, same thing, very windy and raining heavily,  while today the temperature definitely dropped by a few degrees. 

Now it is time for a cup of tea...    stay warm, and watch out for the snow!

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