Thursday, 17 March 2016

And the finishing post is now in sight

Almost there!  Just the top ridge to do, once I figure out how.  I've kind of got an idea, but I'll need to test it first.   I would have been finished yesterday but I went wrong.  So I had to unpick what I'd done, and then start over.  As with all mistakes it actually turned into a blessing and ended up with a better result.  Not such a good day health wise,  too achy, and back unstable, so lots of twinges and near spasms to contend with.

It looks okay from the back, once the roof ridge bit is on it can all be trimmed into place. 

This is the next project.  It arrived at lunchtime, heard a satisfying thud, and sure enough, there was the padded envelope!  Of course I opened it, examined the contents, checked off the pieces... then sensibly returned to the ridge problem.  I think I may have found a solution!   Pics tomorrow, cos I'll need them to explain what I've done.

I had quite a time trying to decide which project to next.  I was tempted to do another thatched roof,  then there was the shop...  there is just too much choice!   But I had hankered after the school for quite some time,  it comes with the playground, think that was part of the appeal.   It was also my birthday present to me,  so it had to be something special.  I will also buy the school furniture pack.  It has to be done as you get the desks, blackboard, the teacher's desk...  So this will be occupying me for the next few weeks.   If, him, the one in the photo, doesn't disturb me too much.   He was a real fidget today,  he didn't seem able to settle for very long.  I had planned to go up to the erosion,  just to enjoy the sun, but the rickety back put paid to that idea.  Then, this afternoon I had a mental health telephone consult,   it was far more intense than the others, so I felt wiped out.   Got another appointment this Sunday, then blow me the GP surgery calls and tells me I made need some B12 injections!   In order to find out I need yet more blood tests...   and that is when I found it that it is Easter next week - how'd that happen?   It seems awfully early,  yeah, I know the shops are full of Easter Eggs, but they have been since Christmas. 

Think that is all for now, need to go find Him,  he headed off for his evening stroll a while ago,  he may wish to come back in to the warm.   I'll be back with a progress report over the weekend.  Thanks for stopping by.

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