Friday, 4 March 2016

Still thatching away

Still thatching,  the first effort wasn't quite up to scratch.   But I realised what I had been doing wrong, so this is take two.   I'm using longer pieces,  I found it was easier to work with that way, and roughly trimming it as I go, so the (currently) scraggy top strip will be trimmed near to the edge of the roof when the glue is dry.   And the glue does dry clear.   It is slow going,  but I think it will be worth it when it is all finished.  The floor and work space is covered in straw,  as was Harvey yesterday! 

 Talking of Himself, here he is, lying on my fleecy dressing gown.  He's not happy with this cold weather,  yesterday it was sleeting and rather windy, so he only just poked his nose out the front door.  Today he got a bit further,   but didn't stay out long.   He was a bit poorly yesterday,  for some reason he was sick.   He was a bit quiet for a while, then trotted back to the kitchen to let me know that he was VERY hungry.   He's been fine since, and is wolfing down his food.  He's now on 'senior' food,  and seems to be really enjoying it.  Today he was treated to some fresh chicken,  which he thoroughly appreciated.

This is the glue I'm using,  it is actually cheaper than the mod podge, and does the same job.  If you leave it for five minutes it becomes really tacky.   It is great for the thatching, giving me plenty of time to get the thatch straight. 

Yesterday I went for my ECG and blood tests.  The nurses were really nice,  and tried their best to put me at ease.  Sadly it didn't quite work as my BP was through the roof.  They took it a few times, but with the same result,  it is usually normal.   The ECG came back 'within the normal range', but I had a very slow pulse!   So have to go to GP to get checked,  plus they weren't happy that I was getting some chest pains.  Until now I've just put them down to the anxiety, which they said still could be the cause, but it was best to get checked out.  

After that I went to our housing office to see if I could put in a bid for the flat downstairs,  and guess what?   I can't,  not because I couldn't have it,  but because you have to register first!   I asked if I could register and then bid,  nope, the bids close this Sunday.  Then the assistant told me, which she shouldn't have,  that my neighbour's son had handed the flat back last week.   I was furious,  he had promised to let me know.   So much for being a good neighbour,  they'd asked me to keep an eye on the flat until they could get the place cleared,  and one of the other neighbours had said he'd take care of putting the bins out,  and we've not had so much as a thank you.   So no move this time, but I have now registered to bid on other properties. 

Today it has just been another miserable and cold day, was expecting a friend to come for the craft stuff, but she'd had to go see a friend who wasn't feeling well.  The weather also put a stop to a visit from my cousin,  she lives in Wales, and while we'd had no snow here, they'd had plenty were she lives.   And my niece still hasn't had her baby!   They've given her till Sunday, and if there is no sign then they'll induce her.  She is getting fed up,  but we all keep telling her to enjoy the last of her freedom,  soon her life will be turned upside down, in the nicest way of course. 

Well that is all for tonight,  fingers crossed that I have a complete thatched roof,  er, no, half a thatched roof, to show you by Sunday!   Stay warm.

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