Sunday, 27 March 2016

School days continued

I was confused this morning,  my small bedroom clock said 8 a.m.,  yet the heating was still on...  guess who forgot to alter the central heating clock?   I only had one other clock to change, and my watch.   I wonder how many forgot? 

The school is coming along nicely.  All the pebble dashing has been finished, and the walls have had a couple of coats of paint.  They need one more coat, this time with a dry brush,  and then some weathering.  


 This is the other end, the toilet block.  I've left the bit over the roof,  once the roof is on then I can finish off the stone work.  I had to repaint the quoins after painting the walls.   The paint just got sloshed on,  needed to work it inbetween all those tiny stones.

Here is the school with the 'roof', just temporary until it gets its roof tiles.  There is also a chimney to build.  The windows are all in place, they fitted perfectly.    I will get going on the roof tomorrow, and that thatch roof, which I have been adding to.   Once the roof is done then I can crack on with the playground, which I am looking forward to.  I'll do a dry fit and put the school in, then you can see what it will look like

Petite Properties are also about to launch 'Memory Lane', a small street of houses, shops and a pub, which have already had me drooling.  That will definitely be my next project.   Of course the school has to be furnished,  fortunately you can buy the 'pack', which includes everything a school needs.  

I've also made my swap card,  I used Craft Artist,  but had to do a repair on the program, not sure why but it was refusing to load.  I picked up a couple of free kits from Daisy Trail and made a pretty Easter card.  Well I think it is pretty.    And made progress with the form,  just need to transfer the typed answers to the form, which I'll do tomorrow.

So that is all for tonight,  I hope you enjoyed Easter Sunday, and didn't scoff too much chocolate.  

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