Monday, 14 March 2016

Just a little bit more

I'm almost finished!   This is how far I got yesterday,  I completed the front half of the roof, and put some thatch on the small canopy. Felt quite pleased with myself.   I think it looks pretty good,  I even like the colour scheme, though it does still need some toning down.   I did mean to get some straws, for drain pipes, and forgot.  Feels like the brain has gone to mush at times.  Anyway, it was all left to dry overnight,  so I could begin giving it a hair cut today.

What a difference 24 hours make.   I've begun the cutting,  just trying to shape round the windows a little.  Don't want it looking too neat either, the thatch needs to look like its been on for years.   I dampened the thatch on the canopy, then bent it over the lip,  it was held in place with some tape for an hour or  so.   While that was drying I glued the rear roof to the carcass,  then strapped it all down with a lot of tape!

You can glimpse some of the tape in this pic.  There had been a lot more,  just needed the glue to 'set'.    I'll keep trimming the thatch until I'm happy with it.  The chimney's also need some finishing touches.

Still can't decided which project to do next.   I was also wondering about doing a glass painting.   I found some templates the other day,  and during the declutter the other week a spare frame was discovered, complete with glass.    I'm hankering after building the little school, which is so cute.  

Not been a good day,  it is my birthday, and one of those 'big' ones.  But I haven't been interested.  I got lots of really nice cards,  many hand made,  which will be treasured.  Yet my heart wasn't into it.  I do still miss my mum,  it doesn't help that she died so soon after my birthday.  I'm also doing battle with some form filling,  I'm at the point were I need some help with it.   The fatigue is also getting me down,  I woke up several times in the night, then woke up again at 7 a.m.,  I fed Harvey, he popped out while I had some tea and toast.  After he came back in, around ten minutes,  I lay down again, the next thing it was after 9 a.m.,  and I still felt shattered.   Staying in bed too long doesn't help my back,  but getting up is so hard.  Yet I know that no matter how much sleep I have, I will still feel tired.

I'm now off to bed,  early start tomorrow, got some blood tests at 7.30 a.m. 

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