Saturday, 26 March 2016

More school days

Evening,  it's been a funny old day.  It started off mild,  though very windy then by lunch time it was raining heavily,  but by late afternoon it was starting to brighten up again. 

This is my pebble dash station, as opposed to the glitter station so beloved by card makers.  I've got sand, then the medium coarse ballast,  and the glue. Oh, plus the top of a spray bottle,  or pebble dash/sand applicator.  So I was all ready to go!

I had a practice run on the toilet block walls.  You need a very generous amount of glue, next comes the ballast, which is spread out and pressed down,  followed by the sand.  Excess is shaken off, and it is left to dry.  Then you have a cuppa! There is a lot of waiting around in house building, mind you it was the same when I made cards.    The plain wall is the dividing wall between the two toilets. 

This was as far as I got yesterday.   I was starting to get tired, and I knew that I would have to stop or risk making mistakes.  I also needed to go sit in a more comfortable chair. 

Today I completed the rear wall,  plus the front and assembled the toilet block.   I had to work in small areas,  that was the advice given in the instructions.  I had started the rear wall and the front of the school yesterday.  I'd finished the front, but got half way across the rear wall before I had to stop.  Tiredness was setting in, plus my back needed a stretch and a more comfortable seat. 

I also managed to get the porch fixed into place and pebble dashed.   The toilet block is now almost fully assembled,  I gave its walls the first coat of paint, a mix of grey, paynes grey and white,  just dabbed on with one of my rough brushes.   The doors have also been fixed into place.  It is starting to look the business now.  The front wall is removeable so as to allow access to the school room. 

Yesterday was beautiful weatherwise.  I had to go get my prescription, was lucky to find a parking spot very close to the chemist.   I also had a nice surprise, the pharmacy was quiet.  I'd thought it would be very busy with the bank holiday.  So I just had a ten minute wait, then I went next door to the DIY shop to pick up another tin of glue.   Mr Tesco had already delivered the shopping, so Harvey and I have plenty of food.   Himself is in a bit of a mad mood at the moment, have no idea why. 

I now have my new meds,  took one last night as instructed.  It is a bit early to say if they work or not,  they'll take a couple of weeks to really kick in.   I'm part way through a form I have to fill in, the answers are all typed out on my computer,  got some help with the answers, now I just need to copy them onto the form which I'll do tomorrow.   I do like that all the shops are shut tomorrow,  though I'm sure that there are plenty who will moan,  my friend was shocked when I told her, she had no idea.  Did you know that it is the only day that the shops are closed by law?  I think that should also extend to Christmas day.  I've got a friend who is obsessed with shopping,  she has to go shopping!  I'm the opposite, I hate it, only go when I have to.   Last week, when she came to stay, I allowed her one day of shopping,  and knowing she'd want to wander around umpteen shops I hired the mobility scooter.   She didn't need or want to buy anything, she just wanted to look around the shops, she did buy a few gadgets. 

So my plan for tomorrow is to complete the pebble dash,  just got one wall to do, put first coat of paint on, start filling in form...  watch boat race, oh and eat my Easter Egg! 

All for now,  don't forget those pesky clocks 'spring' forwards tonight.

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