Thursday, 10 March 2016

Now I'm a thatcher!

Not been blogging much this week because I've had a lot of aches and pains.  My back has been really sore, not sure if it has been down to the cold weather.    I've managed some thatching, this was taken at the end of play on Monday.  I'd put another couple of lines of thatch on,  then began giving the thatch a hair cut.   Tuesday, nothing much got done,  had a blood test which was cancelled cos the doc failed to say what he wanted tested!  But on the upside my hospital appointment was sorted out by the surgery, as was the reason for the blood test, which will happen next week. 

So on Wednesday, after Mr Tesco delivered some food, and the heat pads for my back, it was back to cutting the thatch.  I needed to cut it at an angle,  this was my attempt to make it look like real thatch.    I just kept snipping away until I was happy.  I also managed to make a start on the front part of the roof. 

Today I still felt very achey,  so much so that I went back to bed for a couple of hours.   I felt better by lunch time and managed a bit more thatching this afternoon.   This was today's effort.  I'm almost near the tricky bit,  thatching round the chimney.  I used the brick mask on both of the chimney's,  it was exceptionally fiddly, but I did it. 

Just for a bit of fun I put the front half of the roof on the house and took a pic.  I think it will look okay once it is all finished.  The thatch needs to be 'weathered', or toned down,  not sure what I'm going to use yet. 

I've got the hang of it now.  Even cutting it is easier,  I use a very large bulldog clip to hold the end,  this ensures that the thatch doesn't fall down in a mess.    There still is a mess of course,  thank goodness for the hand held vac! 

I've had a few more pics of my new great nephew, he's now at home, ruling the roost of course.   I got him a present,  wasn't sure what to buy him, a teddy was the obvious choice but you end up with loads.  So I chose a little fire engine made of building blocks.  Too old for him right now, but he'll be able to play with it in a few months. 

The weather forecast says it will warm up at the weekend, I hope so,  I've been in agony with the Raynauds,  it is now really affecting my hands and feet.  The other day I had to soak my feet in some warm water to get some warmth back into them.  The flat is warm, but I just seem to be feeling the cold more,  the heat pads helped,   as has the sunshine pouring in through the window.  I think even Harvey is feeling his age as he has become something of a sun worshipper.  These days he is picking out the sunny spots, which he never used to do.  He's also enjoying his 'senior' food, really tucking into it.  He's not so sure about the delivery man,  he scarpers as soon as he hears him come up the stairs.   I did have to go to the corner shop today, took the car,  which I hate to do but needs must. 

I think I'll head off to bed,  a good nights sleep may help.  

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