Saturday, 12 March 2016

Just another Saturday

I'm still thatching!   Not much more to do, the front part of the roof should be finished by tomorrow.   That will just leave the last bit... need to take a pic to show you what I mean.  The front part of the roof lifts off,  that means that there is a join between front and back roof, that is the part that will be the really tricky bit as it must blend in neatly with the lower bit of the rear roof. 

In the meantime, here is Himself,  this was taken not long after I adopted him.  He's a little thinner in the face, bit of a chubby chops now. 

See what I mean?  Actually he is now at his optimum weight, he was way too skinny before. Mind you it has taken a while to discover which food he will eat.  He'll usually eat about half a packet of food,  and he gets fed 3 times a day.  In between he gets a few treats,  no more than three 'sticks',  which he likes to chase after.  I've also stopped giving him cat biscuits,   he gets a few to keep his teeth clean.   He's still very playful,  loves his piece of string, which is the old shower pull.  He won't chase a ball, but does like his catnip toys.

And he does like helping me make the bed!   This was from a couple of years ago, but he still joins in.   Mind you these days bed making is a real struggle,  well everything is a real struggle.  I am tired of this fatigue, and trust me on this, but fatigue is different from being tired!  Fatigue means that no matter how much sleep you get, how much rest you take, you are still knackered.  I just hope that the consultant can get to the bottom of this mystery. 

Yesterday I drove up to the erosion,  that is what we call it round here.  It is just part of the beach, but you can park really close.   Once upon a time I would have been able to walk from the flat all the way to the erosion,  we're going back around ten years now.  The walk was about 3 miles,  I'd reward myself with a sit down and a cuppa, then do the return journey.  Now,  I'm lucky if I can get down onto the beach!   Yesterday I did manage some fresh air,  and a ten yard walk to the fast food van for a cup of tea.   Then I sat in the car watching the world go by.    I like people watching, there were also quite a few anglers about,  the tide was in, thus they were taking advantage.   Didn't look like anyone had caught anything, but they all seemed happy to just sit and watch their rods.  It is a busy place,  a lot of folk pop up there to spend their lunch time enjoying the sun and sand,   well...   though it was sunny yesterday!   I've seen a few famous ships sail up the river,  Britannia,   QM2,  tall ships, which are my favourite.  More usually you see the IOM ferry, and a few container ships.   And on really clear days you can see all the way over to Wales. 

Today it was grey and drizzly,  I got as far as the corner shop for milk and a paper, via the car.  We had that horrible mizzly rain,  and my snails pace I'd have been soaked, so I used the car.  Of course when I got back I bumped into my neighbour, who told me off,   he was on his way over to the shop and would have been happy to get any bits I needed.   I just don't like asking.  So that was me told.  Then I settled down to watch the rugby,  Ireland won, so that was a good start, next up it was England V Wales,  plus Everton V Chelsea in the FA Cup - could I hope for a hat trick?  Yep,  although Everton left it late and England were almost caught by Wales.  Phew...   Looks like England could do the Grand Slam, and Everton are in the semi finals.   I was thatching at the same time, so I had a few distractions... 

Fingers crossed I get the thatching finished tomorrow,  and can make a choice on which house to build next.   See ya tomorrow.

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