Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Is it half term? More school days!

Well you can see what I've been up to, building the playground.  So far I've managed to cover the walls with the stone finish, and give the playground floor a covering of sand.  Oh and start painting the iron railings and the gates.  I've used the deco'art on the railings and gates,  the metallic finish,  they're looking good, but forgot to take a photo.  I was a bit busy...  my vape e liquid didn't come so had to go out to get some, but where from?  

I knew that there was a shop on our other high street, so I went there and... it was shut!   So had to go to Crosby,  but luckily the only other shop I know that sells the liquids was open, and is handily positioned next to the disabled parking space.  I got some extra strong mint flavour,  I used to use the blueberry flavour, but I've gone off the sweet tasting ones.  There are literally hundreds of different flavoured liquids to choose from.   I'm used to the vape machine, or ecig,  I call it a vape machine just to annoy those who start tut tutting about me using it in a cafe,  I just tell them that it isn't an ecig but a vape machine,  that usually confuses them.  I'm not saying that I don't miss the cigarettes,  I still have some cravings but I resist them. 

It has been one of those days when I found it hard to get going,  had to wait in for Mr Tesco, so at least that made me get dressed.  But then all motivation got up and left,  until the postie came but didn't bring my order of e liquid, funny what can get you going,  in my case it was being without any e-liquid!  

Tomorrow I'm going to go and drive up to the erosion, and sit there for a while, just watch the world go by.  Then after lunch I'll put the first coat of paint on the walls, and paint the floor of the playground with some black gesso.    Well that is the plan, it depends on how I feel, hopefully the sun will shine,  that will give me some impetus to get out of the flat for while. 

All for now.

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