Thursday, 24 March 2016

School days

The new project:  Little Acorns School,  which was started last weekend.   The cottages are also nearing completion,  I just needed a change from thatching!    Not got a lot done as a friend came to stay for a few days.   I spent the weekend doing all the boring prep work, first task is always to check all the parts, and if necessary just write on what they are.  Next was the prep work,  painting all of the carcass with diluted PVA.  Then deciding on the flooring... 

I did think about floorboards, but then remembered that my old primary school had parquet flooring.  In fact I think all school of that era had parquet flooring.  So I went scouting for a 1:48 free parquet print.  And as you can see, I found one.   I used a piece of 25 gsm card,  let it dry after printing, glued it into place, gave it a trim then a few coats of the glossy mod podge.  It looks quite natty, the colour scheme is pale green and cream, felt that was 'school like'.   There are also two outside toilets.

This is the front section of the school.  I gave the outside a coat of the sidewalk emulsion.  It will all be covered with a 'knapped flint' finish.  

And this is a 'knapped flint' finish.  This is the rear wall of the toilets.  I just wanted a practice, think I need more of the super tacky PVA.  First you paint the area with the PVA, then you sprinkle on the stones,  next you add some fine sand, and then leave it to dry.  It will be painted once it's all completed. 

And windows.  They are two tone.  I painted the outside bit black, and white on the inside.

It's been a very up and down week.  I had my second appointment with the mental health team.  They were annoyed that my GP had appeared to have ignored the fax they had sent 3 weeks ago asking them to change my meds.  On the plus side I have now got a referral to a pain clinic to see a consultant, and for an MRI on my back.   Then on Tuesday I went to the surgery to see if they had received the second Fax, nope!  It got worse on Wednesday when I picked up my repeat prescription to find only one item on the 'script!   Could it get any worse?   By Thursday I'd managed to sort the prescription out, and at last the GP had seen the Fax and changed my meds.  The new stuff also acts as a muscle relaxant and is good for chronic pain.  Amazing that one session with a mental health professional has been more productive than the last 8 years with my GP. 

Having my friend to stay also helpd, she treated me to a meal for my birthday.  She loves curry so we went to an Indian restaurant, our High Street is packed with eating places so we didn't have to go far.  We were both suprised to find the High Street very busy at 6.30 pm,   in fact it was hard to find a parking spot.  I drove us to New Brighton,  I'd not been there in years.  We were lucky to get a parking spot right outside a lovely cafe were we enjoyed a delicious bacon butty and cups of tea.  Just what was needed to keep the cold out.   On Wednesday we popped into Liverpool, I hired a mobility scooter,  my back isn't up to walking anymore.  We ended up at the Cavern Pub,  my mate wanted to do the 'tourist' thing.   We also wend to Ed's Diner, and enjoyed a huge burger,   we ordered the 'regular', but it was more  like king size.  I had to leave some, just too much.  Four our supper we tucked into brie on a french baton, washed down by a couple of glasses of wine.  I took her back to the station today,  sad to see her go. 

I'll need to rest up for the next few days,  Mr Tesco will bring the shopping tomorrow,  and all I need to do is go pick up my prescription.  The forecast for the weekend is abysmal, so think I'll just stay inside. 

All for now folks, hopefully a bit more progress on the school tomorrow, and over the weekend I'll complete the thatching. 

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