Thursday, 7 April 2016

A day to remember

Well the furniture for the school still hasn't arrived so I thought I'd do something different, like glass painting.  I'd not done any for quite a while so I breathed a sigh of relief when I found that all my glass paints and the cerne relief were all fine.   I found this pattern on Google images,  liked it and decided to have a go.  First task was to pick out the pattern with the lead strip, and the cerne relief.   I had a quick practice first,   but the old skills were still there - just.    I had unearthed a few old frames during a declutter, which I'd set aside for any glass painting.   Ignore the colour on the picture that is just on the paper printout.  That is as far as I got yesterday, then I had to leave it overnight for the liner to dry, and for the lead to stick firmly to the glass.  

 Today I got out the glass paints,  I know how to use the vitrail stuff, but not the plaid glass, which is much thicker.  But as usual YouTube came to the rescue,  which is a good thing cos I really wasn't sure about whether to keep the plaid glass paints or not.  So I've managed to do the circle, and the dove's tail feathers and part of his wing, and the leaves.   However, just like the houses, it is a bit stop start,  so I've left it to dry overnight and then I can carry on tomorrow.  

I also managed to make the sign for the school.  After some trial and error I went for a 3x3 cm square,  that size seemed to be just big enough.  Then I had to go hunting for some clipart of acorns,  I found the rest of the stuff in Craft Artist Pro.  I used some cocktail sticks for the supports, painted with the metal art deco paint.  A bit of aging on the sign, and  up it went.  Well, to begin with it was resting against the wall. 

Here it is in situ,  doesn't look too shabby.  Today I managed to fashion a base for it out of some balsa wood, so it is now firmly stuck in place.  I also cut down a tree I'd made, it was a bit too tall for the school,  and made a base for it using the paperclay, so that too is drying.  Just need the furniture to arrive, and trying not to get too impatient! 

Today was not a good day,  yesterday I'd sort of made plans for today, which is always risky as then I worry about the plans I've made.  Anyway the plans went out the window, I was in a really low mood,  which wasn't helped when my niece posted one of those FB memories, which was mum's funeral, not what I needed to be reminded of.    I do remember that day, the weather was a bit like today, cold, sunshine and also dull at times.    I hate to say it but I was also angry, not with mum,  she was at peace,  no, with my family and my brother in particular.  I'd suggested that after the funeral we just go for a family meal at a pub, one that mum liked, which we did,  but I also insisted that everyone should pay for their own meal and that it shouldn't come out of mum's money.  If you think I was being mean well, my reasoning was this, that save for a couple of family members,  the rest, and two in particular, had not visited their grandmother in over two years, even though they lived very close by, so I did not think that my mum should pay for them to stuff their faces.   And guess what, my brother, as per bloody usual, overruled me, so I was furious.  I just about held my tongue. The high spot of the day was putting mum's dressing gown on an Iron man down at the beach, no idea how long it stayed on him.  I like to think that mum was looking down and having a good laugh. 

I'd best stop here, else this might just turn into a long rant about my family.    So I'm going to enjoy nice glass of wine,  have a few puffs of my e cig and go do my diary entry.  

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