Monday, 18 April 2016

Daffodil Cottage

Blog take two...  I did start this last night but,  more on that later, maybe. 

Evening all,  shame today has been so grey and cold, yesterday we had lovely sunshine.  I sat by my craft desk and soaked up the rays, while Harvey snoozed away on my bed.  He and I have had a few cuddles today,  he's being a real softy at the moment and eating his food. 

So, we have the front of house, sorry, the house front.  I began the painting yesterday, mix of raw umber, burnt umber, touch of payne's grey and sap green, then you slap it on any old how and it comes out like this.   I gave the front a step to add a bit more support. 

Best have a quick peek inside.  Must get the faux stair case, and chimney breasts.   The floors still need a sweep,  maybe a mop.  Plus the roof needs to be tiled,  chimney needs a few bricks... aside from that it's nearly finished.

A fast forward,  front painted, windows finished and fixed into place, ditto the front door.    Then I realised that I'd forgotten the window ledges... doh!    At least they were in the bag,  I've learnt my lesson about leaving bits of the project I'm building laying around, now they stay safely stored in the bag, which in turn stays on the craft desk.  Twice yesterday I managed to forget where I'd left the brick mask.  I was not having a good day, in fact I'd not had a good weekend. 

Last pic,  and to prove that the house wasn't finished.  I still had half a wall to do with the brick mask, plus the chimney, and to change the colour of the front step.  I remembered how the mum's in our street, when I was little, used to scrub their steps and that most were white, or off grey, so I'll change the colour tomorrow. 

I ordered my second Memory Lane project today, that will be it for this month.   Well I checked the bank account, and things were better than I thought due to some thriftiness on my part,  plus the Memory Lane projects aren't too expensive. 

As I said at the start this is blog take two.  I began last night,  I wasn't feeling well and really I should have just taken myself off to be, but I'd also been feeling a bit panicky so I thought maybe if I blogged I'd take my mind off whatever was worrying me.  Mind you, it would have helped if I'd actually known what was worrying me, cos I didn't have a clue.  One minute I felt okay, next I just felt the panic starting.  I had been on skype, chatting to a friend,  I had to stop as I really couldn't continue.  It was only today that I worked out what had happened,  it is my silly 'fatigue' illness.  I'd started with a sore throat on Friday evening, no idea why, it lasted till lunch time Saturday and then eased off.  This is how this fatigue thing starts,  with a sore throat, then I feel really tired, and I mean 'really' tired, and if I'm not careful I can become overtired, which is what happened last night.  It doesn't take a lot,  I'd not done much, a little ironing,  washed up, that was about it.  On Saturday I went to the high street,  just went to a charity shop and then newsagent, then I came home.  So I hadn't exerted myself, but that is all it takes when this fatigue thing kicks in.   I've been very tired today,  and I've not done a thing.

Tomorrow I'm getting my hair cut,  been meaning to have it cut for a couple of weeks but just haven't felt like it.  After that it will be back to Daffodil Cottage,  and to put the roof tiles on, finish the painting and give those floors a sweep. 

Now off for a cuppa.   Have a lovely week.

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