Friday, 1 April 2016

A few more school days

Not sure if you can tell but this is a before and after pic.  Top wall is the 'before' without the black soot,  bottom pic is the 'after' which has been well dabbed with the black soot.  And the railings have been added, along with the cap stones.  It took me all afternoon yesterday to paint all the railings,   just very fiddly to do. Fortunately they weren't fiddly to fit, that bit was a breeze.   I was getting fed up painting the railings,  in a way it was a good thing that it was raining yesterday.  

So today was all about putting the playground together.   I put more sand down on the base and gave it a second coat of the black gesso.  Once the cap stones and railings were fixed into place, I sorted out the walls.  Each had a specific place. 

And here is the 'finished' result.  The gates still need to be added, as does a bit of other 'dressing'. By that I mean some distressing bits, just to give it a more realistic feel.   

It looks okay if I say so myself.  I dabbed some black soot on to the school house,  just to tone down the paint work.    After I took this pic I finished off the pebble dash above the toilets. 

I can start on the roof over the weekend, and get the doors in place.    I ordered the furniture pack, so that should be here by Monday, I hope!  No worries if it isn't,  as I'll still be making roof tiles. 

Yes I am still thatching,  the end is almost in sight.   I realised today that I have some finishing touches to add to a few of my recent projects, mostly painting and distress work. 

Today I had an early start, more blood tests.  I am now tired of these blood tests.   Not sure if I want to have any more.  The surgery was the extent of my travels today,  it was wet, windy and cold, so it was definitely a day to hunker down.   Even Harvey agreed, he'd tucked himself away in the airing cupboard.   He appeared late afternoon, declaring loudly that he was hungry,  and for once he actually happily tucked into his food, then he went back to sleep, oh to be a cat! 

Think I'll focus on the thatching tomorrow, it will make a nice change.   All for now,  enjoy your weekend.

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