Tuesday, 19 April 2016

And that was Daffodil Cottage

What a glorious day,  sunshine pretty much from the start, just a few clouds which didn't last long. My hair is now shorn,   so I look a little more human, or at least respectable.   I sat in a sunny spot and enjoyed a cup of coffee after my haircut, then headed home - had to, needed to take some pain relief.   So to the pic. 

Fairly obvious, the roof, pre painting, which I should have put up on yesterday's blog.  The roof has now been suitably made to look older and grottier.

And here she is, Daffodil Cottage.  Yes I did think of painting the door and windows, yellow, but then decided against it.  I changed the colour of the step,  and then made it look mucky.  I like the brick work, the raw and burnt umber mix worked nicely.   It did need another coat, as did the roof, but it didn't take long.  The fiddly bit was the chimney, trying to use the mask on such a small object is tricky,   but then I'm not after perfection. These houses have to look 'old',  so battered bricks work best.  

Here's a close up of the front,   you can't even see the join in the brick work!  I remembered the ridge tiles for the porch, the front step could do with a tiny bit of sanding, just in the middle.

Last pic, different view of the house, and she is all done. She just has to wait for her friends.   One of which arrived today, Purbeck Cottage, which is the last one in the row.   I did a little bit of prepping, inbetween dealing with delivery men, and the postie not so thoughtfully shoving someone else's post through my letter box, the second time he's done that.  The post is for my old neighbour, who has moved but who has yet to inform the post office of his new address.  Most of it was junk mail, but there was one that wasn't even for him!  Luckily that mystery got solved when a delivery man asked me to take in a parcel for a neighbour, whose last name I don't know, but guess what, the name on the parcel matched the name on the letter - bingo!   I put the junk mail back in the post box...  it can keep going round in circles.

I'm stuck in for the next two days, have to wait in for workmen.   Typical that it has to be when the weather is fairly decent, and is also warming up.   Though it is that crazy time of year when you aren't sure what to wear,  I mean is there such a thing as spring clothes?    

I'll sign off now,  need a cuppa.  

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