Monday, 4 April 2016

School is Open

Little Acorns School is now open!  Well it will be once the furniture is in.  But the major work is done,  chimney is on, as is the bell tower, doors fixed into place, floor swept...    The roof is no longer wonky.  Had to laugh as the wonkiness was caused by me not cutting out the recess for the porch roof.  Kept wondering why it wouldn't fit, then finally the penny dropped, well it can take a while these days.   I even paid the bills, the rain held off and Harvey ate his food without too much grumbling.  Just one little grumble this morning, so food was removed, grumble was over and he tucked in.

The wonky toilet roof is no more, there were a few stray bits of pebble dash stopping it from resting on the walls.  I'd also noticed that the doorknobs were at different heights, so they have now been aligned.  Tis the little things wot make all the difference. 

I gave the remaining pebble dash a coat of paint, managed to match it to the rest - only just as I had run out of paynes grey.  Need to do a paint run to Hobbycraft tomorrow.

The side door was fitted,  just need to add some black soot around the newly painted area.  I do feel that the playground needs some furniture, and a sign.    I'm going to attempt to make on using Craft Artist Pro, the sign isn't a problem, it will be getting the size right.

 Last pic,   it does look smart.  Just wait till you see the furniture,  and the tiny desks.  I think it would be nice if this school had some planters,  plants and flowers would add some colour.  There was a school just like this in our village,  yes we have a village!   It consists of one road and a few houses, but it is the original Crosby as named in the Domesday book.  All the buildings are now listed and it doesn't have any street lights,  sadly it does have speed humps which ruins the look of the place. 

It has been a lazy day,  well unless you count my waking up at 5.30 a.m.,   and at 1.30 a.m.,  I'm still unable to sleep all the way through the night.  I can't remember the last time I did.   My continuing tiredness means it takes me ages to get going in the morning,  then as soon as I start moving my back starts hurting - you just can't win.  It's not been too bad today,  more of a nagging pain,  while yesterday it was a vicious pain.   Harvey had a very lazy day, he just moved from one sunny spot to the next,  he managed a lunch time walk, all of five minutes before he settled down for his afternoon snooze.   He's now wandering in and out,  think he's hoping his girlfriend will appear so he can chase her. 

Well I think I will get on with the thatching tomorrow,  get that ridge finished.  And attempt to make that sign.  I hope the April showers stay away.   Thanks for stopping by.

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