Friday, 22 April 2016

The loss of a comic genius and a spot of wallpapering

This was such a shock,  and so hard to take in.  I feel both lucky, and privileged to have seen her show 'Victoria Wood Live' at the Empire.   I went with mum,  it was a birthday treat for us both.  We were both crying with laughter,   in fact we laughed so much that it hurt.  It was a brilliant and funny night,  the happiness level in the Empire was off the scale.   As we left, mum spotted Victoria leaving by the stage door, so she shouted 'thank you' and Victoria waved back.  Last night I watched an old tribute to her,  I laughed but also felt like crying.  She was so talented,  everything she did was funny.  There is a lot of her stuff on Youtube, so if you feel like reminiscing just go there, or head to Amazon and treat yourself to some DVDs. 

It was a bit difficult to focus on much, but I managed to wallpaper Purbeck Cottage.  If only wallpapering in real life was this easy!   This cottage is little bigger than Daffodil Cottage, and it has a proper porch!  

I have put down some carpet in the larger of the two bedrooms, and some parquet flooring that was left over from the school.   The carpet is only felt,  no idea why I had any, must have been for a project in the dim and distant past.

I just put floorboards downstairs,  and some nice, stripey wallpaper.  I wouldn't mind that in a larger roll!  

Last pic, and no, I've not lost the plot, well I have... but not with the cottage.  The part brickwork is deliberate.  I'm trying a different type of finish to the exterior of the cottage.  I've drawn round where the porch will be, don't want any render on that bit.  I'll tape that off with some masking tape.  Once the molding paste is dry then I can get going with the sand and PVA.  I also need to get some sand, good job there is a whole beach full just five minutes away.  I'll pop down tomorrow and get a bag full. 

I managed to have a lie in today, for the last two days I've had to be up early.  On Wednesday I had some chap testing for asbestos, not as grim as it sounds,  the flats were built back in the 70s, so there is some of the stuff in them, not the nasty stuff.    Then yesterday it was an electrician who had to test all the circuits and sockets.    Of course both came early, so although I was up I wasn't dressed...  still enjoying my breakfast cuppa!   Typical, had I been dressed then neither would have come till the afternoon, so a case of Murphy's Law, or is it Sod's Law?   Whatever. 

Well that's me for tonight,  more tomorrow.

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