Monday, 25 April 2016

Monday blues..

Hi, hope you've had a good day.  I thought I'd start with my latest work of art - NOT!   Nooo, it is my palette,  or small plate, well why waste money on those plastic things?   This tells the story of what paint went on what house, the terracotta was Daffodil,  the grey bits for the roof, oh and a bit of green,  plus burnt umber and a dash of paynes grey.  Easy to clean as it all just peels off, then it gets a quick wipe before being covered in the next lot of paint.    The plate will be having a rest for a couple of days while I make roof tiles,  and also paper the inside of the roof. 

This was were I got up to at the end of play yesterday.   The windows had been glazed and fitted,  a bit more work had been done to the render and brickwork.  I painted the porch,  then roughed up the brickwork a bit more.  Next I fitted a step... then it all stopped for tea!  Actually it has been a stop start weekend as my back has been giving me gip, and without the ibuprofen the pain is much worse.  So that means I have to alternate between sitting, standing, lying down and moving.

So let's move on to what I did today.  I dabbed black soot on to the render, and the brickwork.  I finished off the porch,  gave it a few coats of paint,  then gave it the black soot treatment.  I tiled the small roof, and then painted it.  Once everything was dry it was fixed into place, porch first, then roof and then the fancy bit, last was the step which had been suitably scuffed and distressed.   The door just requires its handle.

I gave the side and back walls another coat of paint.  Yesterday I just sanded back the join between the two lots of render, I felt it was a bit noticeable.   I used some black soot on the bricks and render.  There will be a lean to attached to this side of the house. 

The last pic for today.  Just showing the front, now with its 'pin' in place,  and finally the distress work is showing up.  The roof is just held in place by some tape.   Looks pretty good so far?   I think I am improving on the exterior wall work,  my first attempt at render wasn't good, didn't use enough PVA, so it was patchy.  And for the very first house I used sandpaper, mind you that did work.   So tomorrow it is back to roof tiles,  measuring and snipping,  but having seen the weather forecast I think it will be best to stay indoors. 

We've also had some fun and games elsewhere in the neighbourhood.  If you've seen the news then you may know that a demolition firm tried to blow up two tower blocks on Sunday, only it didn't work, both blocks remained standing until one eventually fell down some two hours later.  The other however, refused to fall down.  They tried again today...  same result, tower block is still standing!   They must have built them very well back in the seventies.  

Harvey has the sulks,  he's realised that our new neighbour has two cats.  One of them got out of the flat today, she wanted to keep them in for a few days. Anyway Harvey has picked up the scent, and is very nervous,  he refused to go out for a while until I went outside with him, what a wimp.  He's now finally dared to go out by himself. 

I need to go rest my back,  think I may need to ask my GP for some stronger painkillers.  I've been trying not to use anything stronger,  but I fear I might just have to give in.  This just isn't funny.   Nor is the weather,  where did spring go?    Back tomorrow...  take care

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