Sunday, 3 April 2016

School is almost ready to open!

It has been a busy couple of afternoons making roof tiles, measuring, cutting then snipping!   All that has to be done before any can be glued onto the roof.   I managed to locate some light card from the stash, which was unearthed after the last declutter.    The roofing was interrupted by me having to take a few breaks to ease the pain in my back, which has been really bad these last few days.   Nothing really helped,  not even the painkillers.   It's also why there are no before and after photos of the roofing.

 Here's the toilet block, the roof isn't on straight!  Only realised when I took the photo,  it will be on straight tomorrow.  All the roofs had the same painting process,  a quick undercoat, then a first coat,  then some sand was added, once that was dry the final coat was put on.  Just a mix of paynes grey, grey, bit of olive green and terracota, just mixed together any old how.  The toilet doors are a diluted green,  just to make them look weathered.

Again, apologies for the wonky roof,  I was trying to take the photos before I lost the light, so I was rushing. The roof still needs its chimney pot, and small bell tower.    I had secured the porch roof,  and the toilet roof had its fascia added.   And you can see the gate to the school yard is now in place, well the one at the front! 

Last photo, from a different angle, and the roof is looking a bit less wonky.  Tomorrow I'll do all the finishing touches,  then I can think of things to go into the school yard, while I await the arrival of the furniture.  The Petite Properties crew is at a big show this weekend, and they've been very busy (which is a good thing), so think the furniture will arrive on Tuesday.   It's so nice to see this small business thriving, and yet still managing to give such a personal service. 

No thatching,  my back wasn't up to long spells at my craft desk.  so that will have to wait for a few days. It is just the ridge that needs to be completed, then given a trim.  I think I'd like the cottages to become the 'opposite' side of the street to 'memory lane', which is the latest range of small houses from PP, and which I'm about to start collecting. 

Not quite sure what to make of the weather, yesterday it was cold and wet,  today it has been warm and sunny, well it was up to 6 pm, then the clouds gathered and it started raining.  I had some stern words with Harvey, who seemed to want to surpass himself in the fusspot stakes yesterday.  In the end I took all the food away,  that had the desired effect as his fussiness soon disappeared.   So far today we've had one clean bowl, and an almost clean bowl.  He also enjoyed some of my cheesecake!  His girlfriend has reappeared,  the two of them have been chasing each other, she has attempted to steal his food but she was foiled by me and a glass of water.    Today Harvey has been a very loving cat, he does like to be cuddled,  hence I ended up with him draped round my neck!   That hadn't been my intention when I picked him up,  he just made himself comfortable on my shoulders.  He is definitely the most tactile of all the cats I've owned,  he loves rubbing my face with his,  and just wants his cuddles. 

So tomorrow I'll be building the chimney and small bell tower,  then added the two final bits of fascia to the main roof.    Just seen the weather forecast: April Showers!   Oh well, also got to go get some more sand, and pay a couple of bills :(   So that is all from me tonight, have a good week, will catch up tomorrow.

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