Thursday, 14 April 2016

Stand by your desks!

Little Acorns school now has furniture.  It arrived on Tuesday and I couldn't wait to get started.   There was a fair amount of furniture to paint and build,  and although it may be small, it all takes time to put together.  I guess it is flat pack but on a much, much smaller scale, and no less fiddly, all that is missing are the screws.  I built the desks first,  using the art deco metal paint for the legs, and just a wash of burnt umber for the tops and benches.  Then they were all very carefully glued together. 

This gives a nice view of those desks.  And the blackboard, and don't be fooled, just because it doesn't look complicated,  it still takes time to paint and then glued.  I used some of the small seed beads to act as supports to hold up the blackboard. 

There were two book cases, a large store cupboard, and a fireplace, oh and the teachers desk, to be built.  It took 3 afternoons to complete it all.   Oops, almost forgot the really fiddly bits: the chairs! 

The next bit was to put it into the school.  I've found a website that has miniature posters, so I will be printing some out and putting those on the walls.  It has really come to life since the furniture has been added. 

I'm also still sketching,  just started this elephant.  I do like elephants, and they are interesting to draw. 

My new project arrived at lunchtime: Daffodil Cottage, which is part of Memory Lane.  I've already printed out some wallpaper and flooring,  plus a rug!   I wasn't sure what to use for the rug, I mean to print on to, then I remembered that I had some printable canvas paper, so I used that. 

I've prepped all the pieces as usual, using a primer of PVA glue and water.  It does help stop the MDF drinking in the paint or other glue.  The cottage isn't very big,  but I will be doing brick work and that takes time.

There will be some building work going on in the flat over the next few weeks, I am getting a new bathroom.  My housing association realised that my bathroom has never been updated since mum moved in some 30 years ago.  So yesterday I was choosing tiles and flooring,  I did ask if they'd consider giving me a shower cubicle, but the answer was no.  Apparently they used to do it,  if you had your own shower, which I do, but they stopped offering the option a few years ago.   Now you may wonder why am I entitled to a new bathroom, well, all social housing has to meet a certain standard, which is why we had to have new kitchens a few years ago and more electric sockets.  This is so that they conform to government standards, but think on this,  private landlords don't have to do the same things! 

I've had to rest this week,  my back has been just so painful,  I need to get myself some heat pads, they help a little.  The painkillers aren't touching the pain,  but I'm not keen to move to a stronger form of painkiller.  Also need to chase up my GP on my referral to a back specialist, as asked for by the mental health team. 

So for me tomorrow it is working on Daffodil Cottage,  I do need to go get my prescription as well, just hope I get a parking space near to the chemist.  Now it is a nice glass of wine, and need to catch up on my diary.

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