Saturday, 3 December 2011

A lot of wet and windy stuff

Yep got rain belting down against window, wind is howling!   Lovely stuff!  

Yesterday I spent with a friend,  always nice to get out and about.  Drive over was fine, sunshine, dry,  for once no hold ups on the M6. Just took me an hour to get their.   We had a nice catch up then I took part in her psychic evening, paying no attention to the time... only when I went to the loo did I realise how late it was,  it was time for me to be on my way home.    Kept fingers crossed that the M6 would be clear... got my wish,  plain sailing all the way through,  traffic calmed down when I got off M6 and onto M62, then M57, but had to contend with that horrible misty rain, which is neither one thing or the other.

It took me a while to unwind once I got home,  I hate driving in the dark, and even more so when it is raining.  I saw to my outstanding e-mails and stuff, then hit the hay.  Even managed a lie in!    Didn't want to stay in bed too late,  as I wanted to catch Barbara's class on CnC, first tho I had to go pay the paper bill...  would you believe it just as I decided to go do that the heavens opened!  So I took the car,  sod it, wasn't prepared to get soaked.   Came back and got settled down with a nice cup of coffee and two hours of Barbara.   I just love her work.   Well as you can see I am IN to brayering!    I should have made a mask of the fairy, as her feet have got lost in the hills...  well we live and learn.    After that it was just a chill out day,  had to prepare the wedding invites for printing,    also want to use the tissue technique to get an image onto some candles,  tried again today then sought help on Youtube, think I have the wrong tissue paper!   Would just like this to work,  so off on a  hunt for tissue paper soon,  I'll check out the local shops now I know what I need.    Will get on with wedding invites tomorrow, I'd forgotten the RSVP bit! So had to design that,  oops.   Anyway just need to hit print tomorrow.  Phew,  one job sorted,  get the candles sorted and I'll be happy. 

I got some homemade Christmas puds yesterday, in the evening we paid a quick trip to the market that was on in town,  my friend's town, wasn't quite what I expected, bit of a damp squib really,  they'd advertised it as a continental market,  well it wasn't, and there weren't many stalls.   We also had a very chilly wind blowing,  but I also got to see a real Owl,  he was gorgeous,  I just stared in wonder at him,  I just don't like to see wild birds being contained,  they should fly free.  But this owl was so gentle, it allowed the children to stroke him. Such a fantastic sight.   I love owls,  I feel a rapport with them. 

Thanks again for stopping by,  hope you are not getting too swamped by Christmas stuff,  stay safe and stay warm. 

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