Friday, 13 July 2012

And it's Friday..

The week seems to have flown by, we even had 3 days of summer!   It's St Swithins Day on Sunday so let us all pray that it is a sunny and dry day!

So project Box started today.  The idea is to turn this plain old box into something attractive that will hold the tags.  The box cost £2.50,  will have to paint it first, then wonder how to decorate it.  I want to use my stamps,  the Indigo Blu stamps mainly.  Then I thought of doing the original decoupage, which is sticking paper on... so many choices. 

Anyway first task was to paint it.  So got some poster paint from supermarket,   now usually paint is paint, but this stuff has a lovely odour, I kid you not, it is kid's paint, but when I began slapping it onto the box I wondered where the nice smell as coming from, then realised it was the paint.

This is the paint in question,  from Tesco.   I did get a tad further than this,  box is now white and drying after umpteen coats.   But that is all for this project till tomorrow.

The rest of the day was the usual mundane stuff, shopping,  dodging rain,  tea with a friend,  also gave her second IT lesson.    Then predictable result from Boots on 3rd visit to pick up my mum's prescription - it wasn't ready!   The other day they maintained that no prescription had been ordered since May,  I equally insisted that they'd delivered one mid June.  I've decided to give their repeat prescription service the push,  it hasn't worked since mum took them up on the offer. Her prescription has either not been there,  not been ready or is in a car being delivered to us!   They started a home delivery service, then stopped it, now it seems to happen every now and then.   Then she runs out of some tablets and has too many of others.   It is just chaotic. They've promised that it will be ready tomorrow - we'll see.

Now I'm wondering about using misters on the box?   My last efforts with misters was a disaster, more on me than on what I was misting.   A fellow crafter, BJ, has made a box for her spraying, maybe that is where I went wrong?    I've got some nice masks I could use...  see now I have too much choice!   Need to get a plan and stick to it. 

Back to painting, box needs one more coat!

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