Sunday, 22 July 2012

The pride of Great Britain!

And I mean Bradley Wiggins for being the first Britain to win the Tour De France in 109 years!  

So inbetween golf and cycling I got on with making more tags and decorating box number 2.   It is exactly the same box as the first one,  so prepping was the same, just loads of coats of white paint.   So by mid afternoon it was ready to go.  But what to put on it?   I deliberated between a fantasy image,  using the fairy castle and unicorns,  or back to the rustic scene, but using my Clarity stamps?  

Went for the Clarity stamps,  so then it was a case of deciding what to use and were,  plus what else to put with them.  I remembered that my reindeer stamps, which are for winter, has some grass bits, 2 rabbits and a fence... so that was also put into use.

So side one ended up looking like this,  2 clarity stamps, and 3 stamps from the winter set.   The grass was very fiddly, just needed to catch the edge of the box.  Plus the two small dandelion clocks from a butchered fairy stamp (!) also came in useful.  

So with one side done it was over to the other side,  I was tempted to use the barge...  just not sure how well the brayer would work on the box,  and this box had to be done and dusted for this week.   So went with the clarity stamps again, but using them a different way,  using the two trees, no deer and TH birds!

Oh and the grass.

So it looked like this,  plus I added some blue to make a 'sky'.  Just needed to keep it all simple.   By this time the golf was getting to the exciting bit,  as was the cycling, well sort of as we all knew that Wiggins had won,  apparently the rest of the riders don't overtake the winner at the end. 

My tags had all dried by this time,  everything securely in place, I've never been so organised!    I knocked out nine tags this afternoon,  okay so they are not very involved,  but if they were they would be impossible to sell,  partly due to time needed to make them and also cos I've found that the more expensive a piece of craft is the less likely it is to sell,  everyone will agree that it is beautiful work but they won't pay the price.   So the tags have to be kept simple and quick to produce.   The new tri boss folder is being put to good use, think I have figured out the Tri bit, it embosses and debosses at the same time, plus you can put one piece of card and one piece of paper into the folder at same time,  so that is 3 things. 

Of course there had to be an owl!   This little fella came with a set of trees,  I may use some inks and colour him.

So two boxes made and filled!  This is not like me at all to be so organised.  Just wonder if I can manage NOT to forget anything for the fair this time,  last time I checked and double checked and still forgot the damn paper trimmer.  Luckily I had enough paper cut.

Got a busy week this week,  have to come up with a design for a website,  and plan for some workshops.     Just hope this weather continues.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.  Thanks also for all the lovely comments. 

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