Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Losing it!

Why is it so easy to lose things?   You put something down and it vanishes!     It can be anything,  craft stuff to glasses....  they all appear to grow legs and go off for a walk.    A down day,  due to lack of sleep,  not sure what was making the noise last night but it kept me awake for most of it,   my mood wasn't helped by mum asking if I was doing any washing,  I've already done two loads this week,  my patience is in short supply at the moment.   Things weren't helped by my brother dropping round only to say he and his wife were away for the weekend to go help her sister!   Charming, and I don't need any help?    My DB calls once a month,  usually on the day he goes for a blood test at the clinic,  just so he can kill two birds with one stone... talk about a duty visit!   Meanwhile my sister is sunning herself in Portugal,  and muggins gets on with it cos muggins has to.  I had the district nurse asking me why I was changing mum's dressings, so I told her the truth, the other district nurses decided mum was not a priority anymore, then we had a discussion about the dressings, which they decided to change and which have caused a further infection.  Great.   And then you open the curtains in the morning and it is grey, damp and windy.  Some smiley weather forecaster is banging on about showers - again, do they have to look so ruddy cheerful while delivering bad news? 

Moan over.  Heard some good news,  CnC are letting us Freeview lot get the extra two hours.  Was watching Sheena get nice and messy this morning,  love watching her craft,  and then I fell in love with her new stamps...  I have resisted so far, but not sure for how much longer!   At least Sheena left me in the mood for crafting.  But we have a fair next week so it was back to the tags,  did give the AB book another coat of paint, but then had to turn my attention to tags.   I used the new set of stamps for the first two tags, the Music Hall set (Indigo Blu),  the sentiments are lovely,   did a grungy background,  and popped on a butterfly,   I cut off the background wings,  wanted to look fluttery. And stuck an embossed piece of card on the back,  just adds to the finishing touch. 

I love the sentiment on this tag: Music is what feelings sound like!  How true, music does capture feelings perfectly,  I've always thought it must be wonderful to be able to compose music and write songs, what a gift that must be to have? 

Think I must be in fed up mode,  due to weather and a generally crappy life.

Well there is a glass of red wine staring at me, so think I had better drink it.   

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Rachel said...

Sounds like you are having a rough time of it at the moment..sorry to hear that..i am sending love and hugs and a promise that the weather will get skies ahead or I will shoot the weather man..loving your blog..x

Julia S-W said...

I hope the glass of wine helped a little with all your stuff! Those who put the most in - in your situation - usually get the least out because everyone else knows you will always be there and always do it!! Your consolation is that your conscience will always be clear because you did what you had to do and more. . . .

Love your tag! The music stamp is very good and the butterfly lifts the whole thing.

Must go and see what you did with the owl on your box!