Saturday, 28 July 2012

Let the Games begin!

Wasn't that sure about the Olympic opening,  some bits were amazing, other bits didn't work for me.   I did hang on till the end and it was worth it to see the cauldron lit, the best idea yet!   It was amazing.  The same cannot be said for the dreadful logo and characters.   It was also good to see young athletes light the cauldron.

So another sports fest, would like to see a tad more tennis,  and commiserations to Mark Cavendish, a brave effort, but think they were all shattered after the amazing feat of the Tour de France.

So a spot of crafting.   Making book tags for charity,  well a charity a friend supports.  She owns a lovely holistic shop called the Well Barn  which is beautiful,  so a Barn Owl is most appropriate,  and this cute little guy made the perfect backing card.   He's part of a much large embossing folder.  When I saw him in the craft shop I just couldn't resist buying him.

The front looks like this, with my smaller Owl stamp,  used with the large backing stamp from the Dandelion clock set,  and that lovely sentiment. 

So that passed a pleasant hour,  along with a spot of cycling on the machine!    It is certainly having the desired effect as the clothes are a bit looser :-))    The wonky knee is also getting stronger,  but at the same time it is more painful,  and is still giving way on me.   Still waiting for a date for my operation.  Just as well it wasn't last week as I was feeling very off colour,  no idea why,  just felt really terrible for a few days,  then after parting company with my breakfast, I felt a whole lot better.  Must have picked up a bug from somewhere, and the humid weather wasn't helping,  prefer it a smidge cooler, round the 25 C mark. 

There was a slight change to my crafting this week, I made a card!

It's been ages since I made any cards,  had almost forgotten what to do!    I used my new embossing folder, the tri boss,  and distressed the card,  then used one of the kanban acetate butterflies,  a few flowers,  some backing card, used an edge punch on that,  some ribbon and a card was born.

Think I may do some of the AB book tomorrow, or some scrapping.   Hoping that Rosemary Merry will give me some inspiration tomorrow on CnC, she's on in the morning and afternoon.  Though the afternoon show will depend on when Andy Murray plays his first singles match.   It does seem odd to see Wimbledon dressed differently, and for the players to be wearing colours! 

Got half an eye on the swimming, another Brit has made the final, the women's footie team, won,  not sure if they 'all' sung the National Anthem this time,  disgraceful if they didn't,  they're competing under the British flag, so they should sing the anthem.

All for now,  nice sunny evening,  may go and sit outside for a while, if I can find a sheltered spot.

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