Saturday, 21 July 2012

Good news!

Our postie came early today,  there was one brown envelope and one white from the tax man... my heart sank,  not another demand for tax?    I opened the white one and - picked myself up off floor looked again, nope hadn't imagined it - tax refund!  Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...   The other letter contained a tax review, they had been overcharging me!  That's in spite of me giving them the correct details twice.  

So guess where I went?   Yep,  first to the bank to pay the cheque in, next to craft shop for a treat or two!   I bought this lovely tri-boss folder,  ribbons,  some butterflies and other bits and bobs.  Wasn't as outlandish as the lady in front of me who purchased 24 pro-markers!    I was delighted with my new stash,  and with the weather,  summer for the 3rd day! 

These are the lovely ribbons,  they even came with some ribbon wrapped round the box, which of course I carefully removed.   Oh almost forgot my bakers thread,  I'm liking it very much.

I couldn't wait to see what the tri-boss folder would do, and how it would look.  The instructions said to put paper and card in the folder...  I was tempted to go find some vellum, but wasn't sure where it was stashed.  So just went with plain old paper and my super smooth card.

And this is what I got,  I tried it with a piece of card cut for the tags,  you can just about pick out the circle,  I loved the design,   it was perfect for the tags  Must try it out on some vellum, when I find it.

I also bought another box,  still at the prepping stage,  lots of coats of paint going on.   Might cover this one in fairies,  or use my fantasy stamps...  which consists of a fantasy castle, unicorns and fairies, it is a really lovely set.

So tomorrow it is more prep work on the box, just given it another coat, looks  like it is almost ready for the stamps.  Also have to decide what to do with the mini canvas?   May be going for quirky,  very quirky.    I did think about some shimmer sprays today, but really you need to buy quite a few, and I wasn't prepared to spend that much money.

Just glad that last week is over... 

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Julia S-W said...

Your ribbons are very, very pretty and the embossing folder is gorgeous. Why is it called a tri folder though and what is the other piece of paper in it for? I'm really liking it very much. . . . . .