Saturday, 14 July 2012

What a journey!

It was back to the box.   Now I had my 'white' canvas it was time to start decorating it.  I wanted it to reflect what it was going to hold, which is my set of nature tags.  So I decided to use the Indigo Blu Dandelion Clock stamps.  for the front I just used the background stamp,  and added some blue to give an impression of a sky. I also added a bit more green, using the TH distress inks and a make up sponge, and dabbing as Barbara Gray does.

And since I am a big fan of owls I used another Indigo Blu stamp,  again I carried through the theme of dabbing,  adding light blue,  it was building up nicely.  The images were looking very delicate as well,  partly due to the fact that I'd not sanded the box,  as I wanted it to have that distressed feel. 

I followed round to the other side with the background stamp,  adding more green, and creating the sky,   a lot of dabbing took place!  

I am still wondering whether to go over some of it with the promarkers as I do have the fine tips.   And Mr Owl needs something to sit on! 

So this is the other side,  added the dandelion clock and the flock of birds from my TH mini collection of stamps. 

There wasn't much I could do with the inside, besides it won't be seen,  but I did dab in some blue, and added a nice sentiment.

It was a pleasing afternoons work,  now I just need to fill it up!  So it is back to making lots of tags.   Funny how your work changes,   at the start I just made cards,  some stamping and embossing,  then a lot of decoupage.   I then added scrap booking to the mix, and began to get more adventurous with the card making, using die cutting machines,  shading,  embossing paste,  but it was still cards, or exploding boxes.  Now suddenly I am onto altered books, mini scrap books,  tags and ATC's.  I've begun to learn how to build pictures thanks to Barbara Gray's classroom stuff on create and craft,  and know how to brayer,  use gilding flakes, mica powders... 

I used ribbons, brads, buttons - all sorts of stuff.   Methinks I've come a long way on my crafting journey,  and the amazing thing is that I have still got lots to try and attempt to master.   One thing I've never mastered is parchment work,  which I do like,  but I've tried and tried and just can't get the hang of it.    I can also add to the mix a stab at quilling,  which I found too laborious,  love the finished results and admire those that can do it. 

Oh final picture is of the finished box, with some of my tags inside,  all neatly wrapped in the cello babs.  A great afternoon's work I think, and it will look lovely on our stall. 

So tomorrow it is back to the tags, although I have a freebie of shrink plastic which I may have a go at,   I know how to use it but couldn't resist the freebie!    Also contemplating having a bash at the altered book stuff as well,  need something to keep me occupied and something I can learn from.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.  Thanks for stopping by.

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Julia S-W said...

Didn't realise you'd finished it already! It's beautiful - really it is. I love the images that you've stamped and the colours used. I notice you mention that Mr Owl needs something to sit on. . . . you could always go 3D and use a piece of branch/twig or bark to add another dimension; it would need to be flat on one side but it could look fab with what you've already done. You may have spurred me on now because I've had a box painted with gesso sitting in my craft room for ever and I really should do something with it. A lovely afternoon's work. (Not sure how you managed all of that in an afternoon - it would take me a week!).