Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Soggy Monday!

I think heaven must have a leak,  where on earth is all this rain coming from? 

So got stuck into some painting, of doors, and then a bit of crafting,  need to build up the tags again.   A friend sent through the link to the new TH tag,  and so I thought I'd have a go, just didn't have one of those air thingymebobs,  and although I tried to spread the inky blob with a straw it didn't work.    Oh well, back to the drawing board...   So went back to butterflies.  I used one of the kanban acetate butterflies, they are so lovely.   I also used the bit from which the butterfly was punched out as a mask and worked in some green TH distress inks.   Put the card through my gizmo and it was starting to take shape.

I recoloured the butterfly with a promarker pen,  a sentiment, couple of flowers and used my little bird stamp, did that Barbara Gray trick of stamping then blotting,  so I got a faded look.    Very happy with it,  should have taken pics as I went along,   I never think at the time, it is always later.

Then  I am afraid I got distracted by the tennis!  Murray started his match,  they managed to complete one set before the rain set in.  I bet Wimbledon is regretting NOT building the Number One court with a roof!   With wet weather forecast for the week it will take a while to get through some of the matches,  at least the semis and finals won't be affected.

Sorry, got skyped at an inconvenient moment last night,  was supposed to not be skyped, but there you go...   Much nicer day to day,  and more productive but not in a crafting way.  Weather still ropey,   we all need to ask for the Jet Stream to move up so we get some sun, which I think we all need.

Now off for a cuppa and to hit the hay... 


kokoclowie said...

I love the pink and green theme, and the butterfly is adoreable. Must get my own tags out soon . . . . Ko xxx

Julia S-W said...

I love the birds and the butterfly in particular - it really is gorgeous. As I write this I've got Federer v Youzhny on so I'm constantly being distracted too! The poorly cat is fast asleep in his basket having had his fluid via a syringe - most of it going all down his front and my hand - let's hope some has gone down the hatch! Hope you're having a good day.