Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Seriously fed up of grey!

Skies...  that has been the colour of our summer - grey or various tones of.    Today we had that misty rain all blooming day!

Somehow I ended up at the craft shop,  was enticed by a lovely set of Indigo Blu stamps,  then thinking practically I got some photo glue,  of course there were many other temptations to be had!   But I had what I needed and so off home to get on with my AB book. 

I think I may not be following all the rules, but who cares, I am having a lot of fun!   I can't say I felt like getting a sander out to sand the book cover, besides it was already nice and dusty,  nor did I want to paint it,  but I did like the idea of a cover.  And this is it!  Well part of it, looks very messy, with coffee stains....

There is tho a plan of sorts!   On Craft Artist Pro someone has included coffee cup stains - which look fab for that grunge look.  So how to include it on a stamped page,  well stamp it of course, and with what - bottom a glass and the TH burlap distress ink pad.  Worked a treat.  I used the Indigo Blu background stamp to add the 'music',  then just grunged it all.

Once that was done I added the main topper,  then finished off with some of the TH tape round the edges.

So it looked like this, now stuck on to the book cover.   I know Elizabeth has said that the AB book isn't a journey etc, but I quite like the idea of it being just that, a journey. I also have a handmade book,  with plain hand made paper, and I've wanted to do something with that for ages.  So I see this first AB book as a trial run.  I will follow Elizabeth's suggestions/lessons as it will be nice to experiment with different things. 

I did use one of her suggestions, but not quite in the way she meant!  I let two baby wipes dry,  then dabbed one with some of the TH distress ink pads, again to get a grungy feel,  then on the second wipe I stamped a very nice image, yes, the new stamp set!    Next I gessoed a couple of pages, which are drying nicely,   and which will tomorrow receive this lovely topper.

Isn't she lovely (Julia you are drooling!)   I was just chuffed that it worked,  wasn't sure if it would take the image or not. Definitely something to play with,   think alcohol inks would also work on the wipes, especially if you scrunched them up.

Well that was all I could do today,  so will have to complete the page tomorrow... shucks!  LOL.

And according to the weather lot the jet stream is set to change, so summer may arrive next week.  About bloody time!  I've hardly worn any of my summer stuff.

All for now.

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Julia S-W said...

OOOOOO!!!!!! Love that stamp. She's gorgeous and yes I am drooling!

Really, really like what you've done with the cover and using the cup as a stamp AND with distress ink is inspired - strikes me there is a very artistic soul lurking in there and I'm loving having these sneak peeks as it comes out to play!!