Saturday, 7 July 2012

Strange yellow thing spotted in sky!

At 6 a.m. this morning I started out of the window in disbelief - a blue sky, some strange yellow thing in the sky?  I felt sure I was dreaming, then thought that by the time it was 'time to get up' the rain clouds would have returned. But no, at 8 a.m.,  the sun was still out!   This wasn't in the forecast yesterday,  then it had us under clouds and rain.   I do feel so sorry for those who have been flooded, especially down in Devon, it must be heartbreaking.

So it was off to the shops to get supplies, pay a bill,  have a cuppa with a friend and a catch up.  On to craft shop... drool,  they had MORE Indigo Blu stamps - could I resist, don't be daft!!    I fell in love with all of them, but could only have one set, so chose the Wild Meadow,  which is just delightful, and very useful.    I took a pic so you can drool as well :-))

So it was soon down to business.   Yes I am making a lot of tags,  that's because I'm selling them on the stall and they are going very well.  I'm sticking with butterflies as everyone seems to want them.  I coloured a Kanban acetate butterfly, left it to dry, and then used the stamps.  I used the foliage stamp at the bottom, then the two dandelion clocks (remember blowing them as a child?),  and a few wisps coming of them.  That was it, keep it simples,  I may do some embossing, or dry resist techinques,  also felt that the brayering would go nicely with this stamp set - so many possibilities!

But it left no room for the lovely sentiment, so.... it is on the back.  I cut more card, patterned card from Hunkdory,  then stamped the sentiment and coloured it.

And it looked like this!   The cardstock was very apt with its gardening theme.    I also like the distressed feel to the sentiment stamp. 

In between crafting I was paying a bit of attention to the tennis,  I felt sure it would be a one sided affair as the Polish girl had a chest infection,  and when she lost the first set 6/1 I thought it would all be over, but it rained and they had to come off court.  When they resumed the Polish girl was looking much more purposeful and made a real fight of it,  in fact she came close to winning.   Of course the big match is tomorrow, hence all my running round today,  won't be budging from my armchair after 2 pm. 

I also decided to glossy accent the poppy I did yesterday,  managed to ungunge the glossy accents,  and with a bit of effort got some to come out of the bottle.  The poppy does look much better,  must get more glossy accents!

The final tag for the day was this one,  variation on a theme I guess you can call it.  This time I used 3 of the kanban butterfly toppers, the small ones,  which set it off nicely.  Again the sentiment is on the back. 

Well by then it was time to start thinking about what to cook for dinner.  Mum was out having coffee with friends,  wasn't bothered at 5pm,  but was by 5.30 pm, tried her mobile several times, and felt sure that at some point I'd get a call from the hospital or something.  At 5.45 pm my mum arrives home, blissfully unaware of how worried I've been.  I keep asking her to keep her mobile switched on while she's out, but she never does.    I think also I'll make a contact card she can put in her purse.   So dinner got cancelled,  and we had sausage butties instead!   Well it is Saturday and I am always cooked out,   once upon a time mum and I shared the cooking, so I used to do the Saturday dinner,  but now I am the full time cook and chief bottle washer.

One more sleep and it is the big match!   Will my nerves hold up?   Probably not. 

Stay safe


kokoclowie said...

Oh that is one lovely stamp set. I love dandelion clocks and have an old stamp of one knocking about somewhere. Must dig it out as this has given me some inspiration :-) Ko xxx

Julia S-W said...

I too NEED these stamps!! I love what you've done with them but my most favourite is the monochrome tag at the bottom with the coloured butterflies - utterly gorgeous and an inspired idea which I may have a go at if you don't mind!