Friday, 6 July 2012

What a day!

Well I've been watching all this whats on your WOYWW,   so decided to do my own WOYWBF - which stands for whats on your workbed friday!    I use a very small craft table,  and so the craft stuff gets spread on my bed,  starts out looking oh so neat but chaos soon ensues.   The two large boxes hold my stamps and bits and bob, then there are my plastic boxes,  they have card stock, plain white,  thin card, coloured, mirri, peel offs and ink pads.

It all sort of works. I sit alongside bed, behind me is my PC and deskspace,  which is already taken up with study stuff and The Slice.

This gives a better look at the boxes,  as you can see I am a fan of TH distress inks!   I also have my archival inks,  and Paris trunk, plus versamark and stazon,  along with cut and dry foam - which I now prefer to the applicators.  this is only a small portion of my stash,  there is a lot more in a set of drawers,  more cardstock, envelops,  light box, pastels and peel offs,  Big Bite,  buttons,   brads... I've started using a lovely wooden box to keep the flowers, jewels, ribbons, odds and sods in.  It did have my cassette collection,  all of which I converted to CD.

As for what was on my actual work space?  Not a lot,  this was actually the start of another tag, but then a certain tennis match began!   So knowing I would be totally distracted I put it on hold.

My mum also wanted a bit of company,  she knows I use my bedroom for crafting as it is easier for me.  But with the weather being so lousy she's been cooped up in doors all week pretty much.   So there's me, chewing on nails, nervous tension running through my body and mum?  She is fast asleep!   Mind you she woke up when I cheered at the end. Nice to have something to smile about :-))   Was really glad that it only went to four sets, not sure I could have lasted for a fifth set,  even better was the news that another British man (a local, scouser that is) has made it to the Mens doubles final.

I did manage one piece of crafting before the Murray match, and to prove it, here is the picture.

I do love this poppy stamp as it is so pretty.  A couple of lovely green butterflies floated to the top of my bits and bobs box,  and then I spotted the silver flowers, escapees from an ATC kit!   I just ran the card through my embossing gizmo, then inked it.   Just having to wait till the pinflair sets till I can turn it over and add the sentiment.   Think it also needs some glossy accents? 

I'm seriously tempted by the lates Barbara Gray lesson kit,  18 stamps!   Well it is pay day this week...  mmmmmmm

Will have to do a lot of crafting tomorrow and next week, to make up for lost time,  Wimbledon is just far too distracting.  Only two more days to go!

Thanks for stopping by,  have a safe (and dry) weekend - and can everyone do a Sundance?   We have to do something shift this horrible weather!


BJ said...

Love seeing what you are up to, the tag is super and what else is a bed for when we're not sleeping in it? BJ

Julia S-W said...

Really enjoyed having a nose at some of your stuff! I don't do the other desk thingy either but like the idea of doing an ad hoc one!
Your tag is gorgeous. I'm always up for adding glossy accents. I like the poppy image and what you've done with it.
I'm enjoying the tennis too - didn't watch the ladies final as I'm not that interested in them but I do admire how Serena has bounced back from all her problems.
Try to get some craft stuff done around the final tomorrow!!